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Personal Statement

Personal Statement: Beau McKeon

It is an honor and privilege to be sitting down to write this personal statement for admissions into the University of Washington, Health Science (Pre Medical) program. As I complete my associate of arts degree I look back and reflect on my academic achievements from my youth or what one may classify as under achievements.

Almost seventeen years ago I was in high school, and to be honest, my goal in life was to grow up and be an adult that said college was something that was pressured on me versus something that I desired and or saw as a privilege or even a necessity. Although most of the courses that I took from my youth, when I was strongly encouraged to go to school, have recently re-taken due to poor past performance. I can say that because my focus was on growing up; I didn't find or see the benefit when I was young.

I have spent the last seventeen years searching for my path or calling in life asking myself what if I had been more focused and dedicated to academics all the while working what one may consider good / above average employment situations and a few entrepreneurial ventures peppered in there. As well, I have been blessed with raising three children, ages 4, 2 & 4 months old. Approximately a year and a half ago, in the midst of the collapse of the economy, I found myself looking around wondering what exact legacy I would have left had I been called to our maker, what positive influence or role model have I been for my children and most of all what was it I would call myself?

As mentioned earlier I have three beautiful children two girls and the youngest is a boy who are the vain of my existence and whom look at me as a superhero and I can only think, I need to be a positive influence on them and show them that anything is possible. Even though, I am sure that I will never force continued education on my children, I want to be able to clearly show them how it has had a positive influence on my life and on theirs. I also want to be able to show them how tremendously it has impacted my life's journey by allowing me to do what some of the people in my life ...
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