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Personal Statement

Personal Statement

My name is Mohammed Alyousef and I am from the noble country of Saudi Arabia. My country is not all that well developed in terms of education so that it is a kind of custom for college graduates to travel to more developed countries in order to pursue their academic goals. Similarly, I too have an undying passion to continue my studies and this strong urge motivated to travel to a country that would promise to provide me with high quality education. I believe that the University I have chosen will offer the ideal opportunity for enhancing my academic skills in a highly demanding and challenging environment.

I strongly believe that this will assist me in deepening and expanding the existing base of knowledge that I possess. I am a keen learner and am well-versed with all the major concepts of accounting and finance. Throughout my academic life, I have trained myself to be more computer literate. I also know how to manage time well. My interest in accounting began when I covered the accounting and finance unit in my business studies class at the time when I was completing my high school education. I was instantly intrigued by the way accounting and finance worked.

The investigative element in the course was another aspect of accounting and finance that was especially appealing for me and I could already imagine myself as working in an organization and balancing accounts and generating financial reports. My earlier years pursuing education have helped me to develop my personality. For example, I have learned over time how to conduct an in-depth and comprehensive assessment of accounting and financial information. Since accurate reviewing and analysis of information forms a critical component of both accounting and finance, I believe that I have just the right skills to succeed in the field.

When it comes to leadership and management skills, I have managed teams and groups well although my experience in this regard is rather short. One particular responsibility that I can recollect was when I became a school prefect. I was assigned numerous tasks and I was expected to undertake and complete them while also managing my classes and studies. This short experience was pivotal for me as it trained me to manage my time more efficiently and wisely. Hence, I quickly adapted to my changing daily routine and was therefore able to manage my time well.

The sudden increase in responsibilities enabled me to learn quickly and trained me to manage workload and time efficiently. Moreover, in high school, I became a senior prefect and I was assigned a wide range of responsibilities once again. For example, I was expected to volunteer for fund-raising activities and I was supposed to manage a team of other students who volunteered along with me for collecting funds for the needy and helpless. This endeavor also developed certain skills within me such as team-leading skills and the capability to work on my own.

I have also attended a presentation that was attended by ...
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