Personal Statement: Medical Genetics and Pharmaceutical

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Personal Statement

Personal Statement

My absorption with an absolute intricacy of science and living things remains high due to its severe relationship with each other in our daily routine. Science has always captured my interest in various ways. Combining the two fields which I have been studying were Medical Genetics and Pharmaceutical along with Analytical Science which helped me incredibly to understand the differences complementing each other. My bachelors in genetics and masters in Pharm along with analytical science proved to broaden my views and thoughts regarding the field of science in depth. Studying these subjects in detail endowed me with the new ends and much addition to my knowledge which enabled me to look for the various opportunities concerning my field of interest.

My choice regarding my subjects supported my views and thoughts regarding the persuasion of my career in the field of science. My devotion for science and aspiration for a medical career is reflected from the choices of my major subjects in my bachelors and masters. In here good time management, self motivated study skills and ability to cope with stress along with pressure are crucial. Through my chosen courses I have learned valuable skills and information having significance for my career and future. According to these learning I have pursed my activities which would help me in polishing my efficiencies in a better manner. To gain a deeper inside of my courses more practically I opt to gain a bit of experiential exposure which would complement my learning and understanding towards my education.

Experiential learning

Mento Dental Clinic, Sheffield, UK: it was an exceptional chance for me to experience various tasks and learn prominently well. Being a shadowing dentist I even observed the regular routine of the dentists and their skills to serve all the patients on time. In here I learned about the usage of different equipments which were related to the job. Most importantly I learned about dealing with different patients facing different situations. Moreover, I had a chance to take expression for the teeth do that it could be sent to the dental lab to make retainers for the patient. The dentists and the whole staff were quite humble and motivating; they helped me to learn a lot from their work practices on daily basis. I was told about different medications and machines used to process the medical activities. It was an absolute pleasure to be a part of Mento Dental Clinic where I had an unforgettable experience regarding my education.

Pitsmoor Dental Clinic, Sheffield, UK: Here also acting as a shadowing dentist I gained the similar experience as I previously did at Mento Dental Clinic. Additionally I learned the technique to serve pregnant women, along with understanding to deal with them. At Pitsmoor Dental Clinic I also learned to apply braces on the teeth of patients with all the care and detailing. The most beneficial feature was that here I learned the advance precautions done prior to the activity and after it ...