Personal Statement For A Law Degree In Birkbeck University

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Personal Statement for a Law Degree in Birkbeck University

Personal Statement for a law degree in Birkbeck University

A hard working, good humored and responsible person is deeply and profoundly committed to a bright career in the legal profession. Within the Law Diploma, my particular areas of interest include International Law and Business Law as these two areas incorporate my love and passion for foreign culture and economics respectively. During the sixth form, I have studied mainly arts subjects and now looking forward to branch out into more assorted and diverse fields, especially medical law as it will provide me with an opportunity for in-depth moral and ethical discussion which is something I was particularly interested throughout my time as an active member in school debating society. Thus, law is an expression or set of powers and duties equivalent and reciprocal between those who are part of a society, to the effect that the treatment of members of society to be equal, which implies that the law is contrary to all privileges, to any expression benefits for some at the expense of others.

I am enthralled by the subject of law, and I also intrigued by the development in Law and how it is adapted to a consistently changing society. My personal interest is that law will suit me as I can take over the challenging tasks, fulfill the opportunity that is given to me of lateral thinking and enjoys the evaluation of the microcosm of human relations. Indeed, I have devoted most of my studies in international humanitarian law and human rights, and the creation of international criminal justice.

My inspiration towards law increased when I started to read four different cases after attending Southwark Crown Court, the cases were “So you want to become a lawyer”, “Should you be a ...