Personal Statement For Pharmacy

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Personal Statement for Pharmacy

Personal Statement

The language barrier was a main problem for me to settle in United States. The language problem has always affected me. I was very much worried about my cultures, friendships that I was leaving behind and my test results. However, I was still keen to learn and understand mathematics, chemistry and visit church on a regular basis. Chemistry and Math's were the only subjects which did not require much English so it was easy for me to cope up with them. Therefore, I made up my mind to pursue my career by studying chemistry in college life.

One day, I was in my school and accidently my ankle had broken. I was then rushed to the hospital with my mother, where I was prescribed with some medicines. After I came back home, I started to take these medicines, but to my surprise, the medicines had a negative reaction and leaving me with vomiting and fever. I rushed back to the doctor to get a checkup ask why this happened. It was that time when the doctor told me that I am allergic to acetaminophen. This time was very crucial to my life as it actually made me aware of the fact that drug allergies are crucial to one's health.. Some allergies might have positive affects whereas others have negative impacts. This made me more curious to learn about drugs and how each and every drug affects us in different circumstances. This was the right time for me to consider studying pharmacy. My family situation was not up to the mark therefore I had to work soon after graduating from my college with a chemistry degree in hand. Moreover, the sad part here was that my father was recently fired from his job due to his immigration status ...