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Morphine Addiction

Morphine Addiction

Question no # 1

Would you say that was advertising a “randomised control trial”? Why?

Yes the advertisement is randomized control trial. First there is a need to break the term “randomized control trial” into three parts then check that the advertisement fulfils all parts or not. The term contains three different words which are Randomized, control and trial. It is clearly mentioned in the advertisement that “we will send anyone …” it shows that the selection of body, entity or a person is not limited and anyone can be selected. In order to select randomized manner, it is essential that the criteria should be very broad not specific or narrow. The advertisers are seemed to select any person or entity. Therefore the selection is randomized. In the middle of the advertisement, the word “unknown” is also mentioned which again provide impetus in selecting the person, entity or any other body in random manner. The second term is control which seem little opposite to the first term “random” but the advertisement also contain the words like “confidential correspondence”. The advertisement becomes very clear in term of control by the use of these two words “confidential correspondence”. The confidential correspondence clearly shows that after selecting the body or person randomly there will be a strict control and it remains confidential. It shows that the communication between the selected body or person and the company will be remained hidden. Both the bodies will keep communicating with each other in hidden manner.

The word correspondence clearly defines that the company will remain in touch with the person or body selected randomly and all the matters related to the underlying operation will be have require focus. It is a fact that it is difficult to control any experiment or any other setting when the selection is purely randomized but it is not impossible. There are certain procedures and tools through which one can ensure that the experiment with random selection can be controlled such as through investigation of the person or entity which is interested in participating. Moreover, it can be bind by the help of government authorities. If the company talked to the respective government authorities then it will put the other body liable to keep the entire information secret. The company can also ask the selected party to sign the agreement which make the selected party to behave as per the rules and regulations of the contract (Saarnivaara, 1969, pp. 127).

It should be clearly stated that the information transformed for the sake of carrying out any operation or activity should remain secret between the two bodies. The third term used is “trial”. It is obvious from the content the advertisement that the company wants to conduct a trial for the treatment purposes. The word trial is mentioned in the advertisement which fulfils the required criteria. Moreover, the sentiments shown by the advertisement display that a company wants to select a person who is addicted to opium or any other drug ...
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