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Phase2 DB2 ESS- DBP2


The essay is based on the issue of climate change. Climate change is a natural process at it takes thousands of years for climate of a specific region to transform from cold to mild or hot to warm, but human intervention in the way climate rotates has brought rapid changes in the climate change and now nature is reacting to the impacts made by human technology on climate changes.

The future of human habitat is in greater danger than the current generations as these dramatic climatic changes are expected to bring some inhuman conditional changes in major climatic zones of the world.

What Is Climate Change, And Why Is It A Problem?

Climate change is a very slow process in hundreds of years a change of 0.1 degree Celsius is observed, but as human being invented technological inventions to improve the living standards the nature has reacted quite oppositely to the human changes (Bentz, 2010).

The Earth's climate is changing as a result of the modification of external factors, including changes in orbital cycles configuration, changes in the greenhouse effect caused mainly changes in the concentration of greenhouse gases and volcanic eruptions that also affect the concentration of greenhouse gases and reduce the flow of sunlight to the earth's surface. The exact cause of global warming remain an object of research.

Climate change poses significant challenges to conservation and is expected to increase the probability of extinction of many species. Only those who are able to migrate to more suitable habitats, evolutionarily adapted to the new conditions, or possess greater plasticity will be able to persist in the new scenarios. There are many consequences that climate change is having and will have on our planet. These effects do not affect equally in all regions of the world, the most disadvantaged and the most vulnerable densely populated. The main consequence of climate change is increasing the Earth's temperature.

The warming trend of the past 50 years was 0.13 º C, nearly twice that for the last hundred years. The total increase from 1850-1899 to 2001-2005 was 0.76 ° C. To continue with the current trend of emissions of greenhouse gases are expected to average global temperature increase can reach up to 4 ° C by 2050 (Steinbruner, 2013).

Causes and Impacts Of Climate Change

The Earth's climate is changing more rapidly and intensely than at any other time, human activity is the main cause. Climate change is a major environmental and social problems of mankind because of the consequences it can have. The cause of global warming is increasing the natural greenhouse effect by increasing the atmospheric concentration of greenhouse gases produced by human activities. From the industrial age, the increased concentration of CO2 and other greenhouse gases (GHG) in the atmosphere, produced mainly by the burning of fossil fuels (coal, oil, gas) in the production of energy, transport and industry, has led to an increase in the greenhouse effect. The cutting and burning of forests and some methods ...