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Research Papers on Philosophy

Philosophy involves a challenging method of forming questions, controversial discussions, critical approaches and presenting one's opinion in a highly rational manner. When students are asked to compose research paper on Philosophy they have to invest an enormous amount of effort and spend time in searching for authentic references. Researchomatic guides them by providing tons of professionally written Research paper on Philosophy. Our documents have flawless content and are enriched with innovative approaches. Students can acquire guidance from the philosophy research paper topics that are provided on the site to achieve exceptional grades in their academic session.

What Does It Mean To Act Morally?
WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO ACT MORALLY? Abstract The paper discusses the symbiotic relationship between morality and virtues in light of the two esteemed philosophers David Hume and Immanuel Kant, of the modern age. The paper discusses each of the philosophers' views and tends to analyse their views and findings in light ...
Albert Camus
ALBERT CAMUS ALBERT CAMUS ABSTRACT There are many philosophers who have stood against the concept of totalitarianism but Albert Camus was amongst the first generation of the authors and philosophers who support it. There were different things which were tried and tested by Albert Camus which included play writing, philosophy, journalism and ...
On The Philosopher Thomas Aquinas
On the Philosopher Thomas Aquinas On the Philosopher Thomas Aquinas Thomas Aquinas considers all the major questions of philosophy and theology and makes some significant contributions to political thought. Although his concerns are always in the first place theological, he attends to questions of political philosophy in his Aristotelian commentaries, at appropriate ...
Compare Piety And Socratic Beliefs In Euthyphro To Marcus Arulieus' Meditations
Compare Piety and Socratic Beliefs in Euthyphro to Marcus Arulieus' Meditations Introduction One day in the year 399 BC, Socrates has been accused for impiety and corruption of youth. Socrates addressed some words to the court for his defense. Later, Socrate's student, i.e. Plato, wrote the work that readers call Apology, where ...
Analytical Essay
Analytical Essay Analytical Essay Baker and Bonjour lead readers gradually throughout an analysis of western-tradition analytical beliefs, full of wittiness and awareness, exceptional primary resources, and extraordinarily coherent comments. Their approach is very easy to get to, and even a raw learner can swiftly find him or herself engrossed in theoretical ...
Henry David Thoreau
HENRY DAVID THOREAU Henry David Thoreau Henry David Thoreau Introduction Henry David Thoreau was an American naturalist, teacher, and the abolition of the death penalty. Thoreau was the author of perhaps the most radical and influential essays in the history of American political philosophy, "Civil Disobedience." This series of reflections on the night Thoreau ...
Realism & Liberalism
REALISM & LIBERALISM Theoretical Frameworks of Realism & Liberalism Name of the Writer Name of the Institution Abstract This study tries to explore the theoretical frameworks of international realtions in the context of 2008 World Financial Crisis and the Ongoing Debt Crisis in Europe, and US and Iran international relations. Theoretical Frameworks of Realism & Liberalism Introduction Theoretical ...
Rhetoric & Stereotypes
RHETORIC & STEREOTYPES Rhetoric & Stereotypes Rhetoric & Stereotypes The stereotypes have a negative overall impact on the public. The rhetoric that surrounds them has largely negative role, even when used in a positive way. The four groups are negatively stereotyped and portayed most politicians tattooed people feminists and senior citizens. ...
Morality Vs. Positivism
MORALITY VS. POSITIVISM Morality vs. Positivism Morality vs. Positivism Introduction Positivism is a doctrine philosophy founded by Auguste Comte. The term positivism was created by A. Comte himself to describe his system that he believed absolutely new. Positive Philosophy, Politics positive, these are the titles of two main courses. Since the term was extended to the point of no longer confined, in popular ...
Michel Foucault: Power In The Medical Establishment
Michel Foucault: Power in the Medical Establishment Introduction The work of Michel Foucault seems like a true historian's work, however this terminology he has always refused. If the history in the classical sense involves both continuity and intelligibility, the history as practiced by Foucault made of ruptures and discontinuities. In his work ...
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