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Phishing Techniques and Countermeasure to Avoid Hacking

Table of Contents


Research Design3

Research Method3

Data Analysis Method4

Search Technique4

Literature Search and Potential Sources5

Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria for Maintaining Relevancy5

Qualitative Research5

Secondary Data6

Summary And Recommendations6


Phishing Techniques and Countermeasures to Avoid Hacking


The methodology puts forward the research method that is considered for the completion of this research. Not only this, this section also presents complete information about the type of instrument used for data and information collection so that a clear picture of the research method is understood by the reader.

Research Design

This study is actually based upon the accumulation of secondary type of data. The study took into account the approach of the previous similar literature so that a broader perspective is presented in the form of analysis. In reality, the secondary type of research presents information that is a mixture of past literature, publications, broadcast media and other non human sources (Hart et al. 2009, p.26). The findings and conclusions are based on the secondary data. This research is more or less based on phishing techniques and countermeasure to avoid hacking and the conclusions are drawn on the basis of actual resources.

Research Method

The method adopted in the study is based on secondary type of research and also adopts qualitative method for data collection. This method is mostly considered to be less costly as compared to the study comprising of quantitative method for data collection (Shaver, 2007, p.280). This is getting remarkably effective for the purpose of data acquisition. It becomes more preferable for researchers in situations where valued measurement is not required. The pursuance of professional educational research is highly complex and proves to be difficult in social contact. Therefore, in this type of setting, non-positivist approach, that is the qualitative method, is mostly preferred. A large amount of online journals, libraries and databases were taken into account for the purpose of gaining a comprehensive insight of the topic of research.

Data Analysis Method

In order to analyze the accumulated literature in a well organised manner, all the major facts and figures were taken into account. Analysis was also done of the collected data while considering real life examples so that a reality element is involved. Qualitative data analysis consists of data analysis and data interpretation (Kumar, 2007, p.41). Analysis involves labelling and breaking down raw data. Next, the researcher reconstitutes the data into categories, and patterns. The other steps which are linked to these are development of themes, concepts, and propositions. The qualitative data analysis involves inductive and deductive thoughts.

Search Technique

Libraries including online databases were accessed to get the most relevant and updated literature. Some of the online databases that were used are: EBSCO, Emerald, Blackwell and Sage. The main conclusive data are the result of a thorough analysis of the material found online. The research involved analyzing the news postings on the web over a phase of years. The approach employed was reading the abstract or body of each publication. The major keywords searched include phishing techniques, countermeasures to avoid hacking, anti-phishing, hacking and phishing ...
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