Adolescent Suicide in the US

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PICO Statement

PICO Statement1



Formulation Research Question using PICO1



PICO Statement


A major concern in US currently prevalent indicates the growing number of adolescent suicide. Every 1 adolescent out of 14 is found to have attempted at least one suicide attempt in 2007. Suicide in is the third cause of deaths in adolescents of age 12 to 19 (Eaton 2008). The reason of this increasing number is that there are no screening procedures for the suicide risks until suicide is attempted by the teenager. The existing clearly stated recommendations are not followed by the RN and BSNs because of the lack of familiarity and time for utilizing the proper screening tools.


The purpose of this study is to evaluate the current practices in screening the adolescents for the suicide risks by examining the suicidal behavior and developing decision making ability of the care providers. For this purpose, PICO question is put forward by the author and the literature is discussed after which the data is evaluated, and recommendations for future research are made.

Formulation Research Question using PICO

The question is formed in light of PICO structure. P represents the population, I represent intervention of interest, C is for control intervention and comparison, O is the outcome.

P (Population) = Adolescents I (Intervention) = Use of screening tools Comparison= Lack of using similar tools Outcome = Reductions in the suicide risk attempts Question: In adolescents, the usage of suicide screening tools, compared with the lack in using such tools, reduces the risk of suicide attempts?

The purpose of this inquiry is to design the intervention that reduces the suicide attempts in the adolescents. For this purpose, the PICO question facilitates the strategies for finding the solution of mentioned problem. Research Strategies

The PICO question helped in searching the literature from relevant databases such as CINAHL, The Medline, National Clearinghouse ...
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