Poem Analysis 'Diving into Wreck'

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Poem Analysis

Poem Analysis


The poem diving into wreck is written by Adrienne Rich. She is amongst the most significant American poets of the 20th century. Most of her poems and essay describe about a constant journey of self discovery. Her books such as common language and diving into wreck predominantly display a series of feminism. This series starts with a yearning for androgyny. The state of androgyny is achieved by revival of feminism. In this poem, Adrienne describes that androgynous state is attained by the revival of female portion in the history. The raven is written by Edgar Allen Poe. He was born in Boston, Massachusetts on 19 January 1809. The raven was first published in 1845. It mainly describes the psychoanalytical approach of a man who has lost the love of his life. It describes the poetic picture of man in his deep despair.


Driving Into Wreck by Adrienne Rich

The poem driving into wreck clearly describes the principles of feminism. The writer shows the transformation of understanding by starting with the yearning of revitalizing female history, followed by the concepts of androgynous state. This poem ultimately describes the need of rewriting female history. The androgynous state can be explained as a state of balance between the opposites which unite them and lead to the implementation of wholeness. This state should also help in stabilizing the personality (Nancy, 1974). This state of balance indicates the harmony of both female and male traits. The antagonistic characters of males and females destroy androgyny. Therefore in order to fully accept androgyny the males and females must conquer the ways they oppose each other. This will help in maintaining balance and abandoning ego. The 20th century was the era with which Adrienne was well aware as it was against the androgyny due to increase in the view ...