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Dissertation on Political Science

Political science is the field of education that deals with the politics and includes political philosophy. Students in their PhD program usually prepare dissertations on political science. They find difficulty in finding relevant research material. Researchomatic has brought ease for students and professionals by providing a variety of dissertations prepared on political science. Students can get ideas about a dissertation on political science and can prepare their own dissertations easily.

The Media Revolution In Post 2001 Afghanistan
The Media Revolution in Post 2001 Afghanistan By CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION1 Background1 Research Questions2 Ethical Concerns3 Structure of the Dissertation3 CHAPTER 2: LITERATURE REVIEW5 Freedom of Information5 Emergence of Ethnic and Religious Media6 CHAPTER 3: METHODOLOGY7 Introduction7 Research Design7 Researcher's Role8 Data Collection Procedures8 CHAPTER 4: DATA ANALYSIS9 CHAPTER 5: CONCLUSION9 REFERENCES10 CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION This chapter in the context of any study tends to be of great significance, ...
To Explore The Reasons Behind The Initiation Of The “green Movement” In Iran
To explore the reasons behind the initiation of the “Green Movement” in Iran Abstract In this paper I will be looking towards the reasons that led to the initiation of the “Green Movement” in Iran. That can also be known as the struggle for democracy and independence which is observed to be ...
The Counter Productivity Of Foreign Aid To Africa
The Counter Productivity of Foreign Aid to Africa By Abstract Africa has been a politically disturbed place for centuries, during which the African people have been struggling for independence, living in conflicts and continuous wars, and fighting against poverty and diseases. There are so many problems and issues in Africa that almost every ...
Al Qaeda In Iraq (Sunni Insurgency In Iraq) by
Al Qaeda in Iraq (Sunni Insurgency in Iraq) By ACKNOWLEDGEMENT It would not have been possible to narrate this thesis without the help and motivation of the gracious people around me, to only some of whom it is possible to give particular highlight here. First of all, I would like to express my ...
Influence Of Foreign And Policies In Developing Harmony Among Nations: A Case Study Of Domestic Politics And The Process Of Westernization Of Nigeria
Influence of foreign and policies in developing harmony among Nations: A case study of Domestic politics and the process of Westernization of Nigeria [Name of the Institute] Influence of foreign and policies in developing harmony among Nations: A case study of Domestic politics and the process of Westernization of Nigeria Literature ...
Effects Of Policies On Children Protection Post 9/11 by
Effects of Policies on Children Protection Post 9/11 By [Name of the Author] [Department, Faculty] [Month, Year] Abstract This research describes traumatic events as those events due which children have a threat of being injured or that is likely to result in death of the victim. As a result of those traumatic events the victim suffers ...
KOSOVO Media and Politics in Kosovo By [Name] [Institution] Abstract The major aim and purpose behind conducting this study is to understand the major factors that have created a relationship between media and politics in Kosovo. This study will focus on understanding how these factors have played their role in formulating such an influential relation which ...
Post-Secession Sudan
POST-SECESSION SUDAN Prospects for Peace in Post-Secession Sudan Prospects for Peace in Post-Secession Sudan Introduction In this paper we will be focusing on the prospects that were created in order for developing peace in the post-secession Sudan because there were many problems and differences between the south and north of the Sudan that ...
Should Un Security Council Be Reformed?
Should UN Security Council Be Reformed? By ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I, (Your name), would like to declare that all contents included in this thesis/dissertation stand for my individual work without any aid, & this thesis/dissertation has not been submitted for any examination at academic as well as professional level previously. It is also representing my ...
Discuss To What Extent The Rise Of Islamic Terrorism In The Middle East Was A Result Of Us Foreign Policies.
Discuss to what extent the rise of Islamic terrorism in the Middle East was a result of US foreign policies. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I, (Name) wish to announce that all contents of this work / memory stand in my own work without any support, and this thesis / dissertation has been no research ...
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