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It describes all the skills of the person including time management skills, people management skills and prioritizing tasks.


It defines all the academic record, skills and experience of the person.

Cover letter7

It explains the work experience and interest of a person to work in an organization

Thank You Response Letter after Interview9

Thank you letter is the code of courtesy to the interviewer, after an interview.

Progress Report11

Progress report shows the work and research experience of the person

Letter of recommendation from professor13

Recommendation letter is the proof to the abilities of the person. It helps to get higher job in future.

To: Dr. Ruth MacDonald

From: Maria Pimentel

March 24, 2013

Subject: Memo/Short Report


Students spend approximately half of their day at college. Colleges are the places where students can get high quality education and can enhance their skills and learning capabilities. In English 218 I have learned the three most significant skills, which includes:

Time management Skills

Prioritizing Tasks

People Management Skills

Time Management Skills

Time management skills are one of the most significant skills that I have learned during my college life. The papers, homework and assignments have really trained me to improve my time management skills. One effective method, for proper time management is used by various well-known writers including Ernest Hemingway. That method is one of the effective methods named “chained to the desk method”. In this method a person has to sit for a particular amount of time, whether it is an hour or just 10 minutes daily. During this time period, do nothing but focus on your work only.

Another helpful method of time management is to emphasize on the quantity of work instead of time. For example, a student might set a target of memorizing two chapters daily.

Additionally another main factor that is involved in good time management includes meeting deadlines and do things on time. Ironically, the things that can divert you from your work can also be considered as the best tool in managing your time. These things involve your computer and mobile phone. Use these things as your time management tool by sending the reminders to yourself regarding your deadlines.

Prioritizing Tasks

One of the important and beneficial skills that I have learned at college is the skill of prioritizing task. If you have too many responsibilities, the simple and easy solution in this situation is to make a task list. Take ten minutes to make a list of everything you want to do and then pick three to five tasks which are most important. Other tasks which are relatively small will go in the “do later” list and you have not to worry about it. The better way to deal with the small tasks is to deal with them at the end of the day. In the starting of the day, you have to focus on the important tasks.

People Management Skills

People management skills are the skills in which we interact with different people and maintain our coordination with the people living around us. In colleges, our assignments were mostly group assignments in ...
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