Practicum In Leadership And Population-Focused Nursing

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Practicum in Leadership and Population-Focused Nursing

Practicum in Leadership and Population-Focused Nursing

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Leadership is the process of influencing and supporting others to work with them enthusiasm in achieving certain objectives. The lead is thus a factor important that helps an individual or a group of individuals to identify the targets and then motivate them and help them in achieving those same goals. The three ingredients plus important in the definition of leadership is influence / support, volunteer efforts and achievement of goals. No leadership, no social organization and in a very particular way, the school organizations, it would be just a mess of people and equipment, the same so that an orchestra without its conductor would be only one set of musicians and musical instruments. Understanding what the leadership is extremely important for both modern science and economic practice. Leadership is in fact one of the most important elements contributing to the success of the organization. Efficient leaders can prepare their organizations for the challenges of the environment, revive them, reactivate or create completely new actors. No leadership or inappropriate leadership may lead the well-functioning organizations to the crisis, the consequences of which it is extremely difficult to overcome.

The practice of oncology nursing places professionals closely with painful situations, finitude death, mutilation of hopelessness, patients and families, as well as expectations of cure disease. The aggressiveness and therapy adjustments required for the treatment process are also factors characteristic of this scenario, since many side effects trigger severe physical reactions and emotional in patients, thus becoming part generator of stress for staff (Chi, 2006). The room should be warm, healthy and conducive to a space of encounter between subject's device as to facilitate the ability of reflection, for the construction of knowledge exchange and solidarity exchanges committed to the dual task of producing health and production of the subject, becomes fragile-before the handle dimension of subjectivity. Such assertions are associated with little consideration the dimension of subjectivity in this scenario, making them and inhospitable environment highly conducive to the subjects produce the dual task, the interaction in their practice and be autonomous and protagonists in the production of a healthy life.

The results indicate that there is a need a humanized management practice, considering dimension of subjectivity of the subjects involved in care situation, to foster an environment more healthy activities for the nursing staff. It was concluded that nursing leaders can act as facilitators for labor relations humanized, provided they can adopt strategies that encourage autonomy, the role and responsibility of subjects involved in the health production process through the construction of new spaces for meetings. Were identified by analysis of depositions of nurses participating in the study, the environment, where it gives the practice of leadership and relationships between nursing leaders themselves, is a factor having greater interference in labor relations between leaders. Nursing Practicum is a valued tool for the future nursing students that build skills for support, documentation and gaining practical experience of nursing practice in a ...
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