Prevalence Of Obesity In Usa

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Prevalence of Obesity in USA

The Moments of Joy, Pleasure, Positivity, Affirmation, and Desire


The stories The Unnatural and Accidental Women, Girlfriend Experience, and Salt Fish Girl by Larissa Lai are the stories explained the negative aspects of the world through different example but, writers and directors portrayed the plays and the movie in such a way that the negativity took the form of positivity, joyful, playful, and desiring for the viewers or readers.

The Unnatural and Accidental Women

The story of tragedy and murder turned in the tale of joy, happiness and positivity as the co-director and playwright, Marie Clements, has presented the play so beautifully that what was despicable and gruesome appeared to be the best for the audience.

The playful, joyful, and laughter moments

The deadliest predator, Gilbert Paul Jordan, who killed ten women in the story and is still free after his 6 years of journey as manslaughter. This is a true story so the people may first think that such a play would be hopeless, depressing, and dark but, actually Cement wrote the play dialogues that involves the audience in a joyful and playful manner. The audience is often spurring to laugh at the dialogues.

The positive aspects

Cement has portrayed the positive aspects of the humanity, women, emotions, and honor. The elements of love and living were added to honor women and humanity for adding the essence of pessimistic attitude. The women characters are presented by talented actors to Michelle St. John, Sophie Merasty, Columpa Bobb, and Gloria May Eshkibok, who are the renowned and award winning actresses of theatre. The actors also displayed the essence of joy in a wonderful manner that may not have appeared if the playwright was written considering the true aspects of tragedy and murder. The play discussed the women personalities who were disappeared, gave the sense of afterlife for ones died by a wonderful combination of sadness and humor that no one can claim the play was a story of misery, heartbreak and grief. The performance of each character was important to build this affect on the audience as the song and conversation delivery reflects the correct dimension of dialogues. The dynamic play writing has its significant role to present the play so beautifully. The text, use of space, dialogue delivery, thought provoking pieces of songs, and visually interesting expressions contributed to influence the right affect of the play (Hopkins, 2012).

The Moments of Desire and Romance

The desire of romance and idealism is always constituent by the components of prophecy, as the romance in world is always remarked by desires and pleasure. The element of maternal romance and transformation of feminine genre are the prominent features of the play. Yet, romance is notoriously complex for defining but, the family romance or maternal romance that has its roots from the ancient culture of Mediterranean. All the modern and ancient plots of romance reflect the matters of women's in relationship with men. The women may be mother, daughter or wife. In the Unnatural and Accidental Women murder of women ...