Primary Healthcare

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Primary Healthcare

Primary Healthcare


For this paper, we shall cover the 'elements' that comprise primary healthcare that become the standard benchmark of patient care and assistance. It also comprises how to go about promoting the realm of primary healthcare and that what challenges are experienced in the midst of it.

Eight essential 'elements' of Primary Healthcare

E - Education for Health

Education needs to be disseminated and aiding upon by different members and people who not only make way for progress, but also the community becomes aware of how to go about dealing with health problems and resolving them.

One example of providing education for health would be collective conferences and individual grooming and learning sessions which should be held by in the respective communities and make way for not only increasing awareness and also improve the current knowledge base that exist among the public (Tandon, 2007).

L - Locally endemic disease control

The main objective here is to make the public aware of the issues problems that occur at hand and the kind of casualties that have been undertaken regarding problems in disease resolution and recovery. With a strong educational base, drills and activities need to be undertaken for the public to recover from the diseases.

E - Expanded program for immunization

Steps and measures are undertaken which greatly improve the objectives that are set by the organizations and healthcare institutions at large, but also make way for improving health on a global, mass level. With programs, promotions and campaigns undertaken on a mass note, it would also trickle the influence and effect onto different countries.

M - Maternal and Child Health including responsible parenthood

Those mothers and children who are most prone to falling prey to disease and ailment need to be given special priority and position by the WHO in order to resolve the issues that are experienced by them (Ireland, 2008).

Women in particular are to be inspected regarding, for instance, cervical screening, in order to highlight and identify the problems that single and married women may develop in their cervix, leading to destructive diseases such as cancer.

E - Essential drugs

With the provision and injection of essential drugs, the WHO has a better chance at improving the challenges and the illness that is being experienced by the people, who not only have complex issues developing in them but also create changes in the disease recovery and eradication. Dosage and substance intake needs to be ...
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