Problems Faced By Women In Getting Protected By Law: A Case Of Bme Women Involved In Domestic Violence

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Problems faced by women in getting protected by law: a case of BME women involved in domestic violence


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Literature Review2

Domestic violence2

Problem faced by BME women2

Prevention of domestic violence4




Domestic violence is an ahs received a greater attention by the public as well as government in the recent years, and it has been able to add voice to Women's organization and women's aid who have been in favour of the rights of women and campaigned against the rights of women and children who face this situation (Sampson, Scott, 2000, 56). Attention has been given to the issues of race equality and racism in European context where racialised discourse around asylum seekers and refugees has become a common place. These debates unite and have pertinence for any discussion on domestic violence and experience of BME communities. There are many services, which are considered, important for the needs of BME women and the issues which they face. Research based on gender and ethnicity has been silent on the connection of race and gender and violence related to BME women (Lewis, 2004, 204).

The position of black and minority ethnic (BME) women in violence is distinct. This domestic violence cannot be overlooked by all family members, but it is frequently questioned and challenged. It is not possible for BME women to differentiate between violence experienced being women or experienced as black and minority ethic person. Most BME women suffering from domestic abuse are not employed and have no disposable income (Hickman, Jaycox, Aranoff, 2004, 34). They live in poor housing and don't have education opportunities which help them in progressing. They are isolated and as a result of the cultural and language difference they face and they are unable to escape abuse. The aim of the study is to determine the problems faced by women in protection against domestic violence.

Literature Review

Domestic violence

Domestic violence is a very common form of violence against women including victims suffers the consequences on many fronts housing, health, education, freedom to live their lives without fear and the way they see fit. This widespread phenomenon concerns all European countries and can be seen in all categories or classes. Domestic Violence is the continuity of reprehensible conduct degrading economic exploitation, kicks and punches, imprisonment, sexual abuse, hanging, and homicide. Approximately 20% of women who have been assaulted for the first time by his partner during pregnancy have been (Break the Cycle, 2006). Then the violence may be more or less frequent, shorter or longer, or more or less severe.

Nonviolent tactics are used to control usually associated with violent behavior. Violent robberies usually increase in frequency and severity over time. When violence is continuing this progress may start to abuse their children and to direct violence and threats to beat their friends or family. Even offenders who use violence without so often remind to fulfil orders but will happen again. Domestic violence means trying to control someone and assert authority in the context of an intimate ...
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