Production Team

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Production Team

Production Team

Section 1: Theater Practitioner Analysis

Members of a Theatre Production and Associated Management


As an actor, is known artists, with the language, facial expressions and gestures a role, embody i.e., usually a different person. Actors are peopling who regularly (professionally or as a hobby) in theater, film and television under instructions (script, stage directions) are acting work. Of actors is usually required that they merge as seamlessly as possible in their role.


Director refers to a person who is responsible for the management of various organizations and institutions such as a company, a business, a theater, a setting of education, and a football team, among others. Its main task will then be the address, direct staff or individuals who are in charge and guide them as best as possible towards meeting the target.


This is a person who designs a product by harmonizing aesthetic and functional. Interface between commercial services that determine customer needs and manufacturing services, the designer meets the requirements of each other to formalize into a product "intelligent".


A playwright is a writer of literary texts composed to be represented on a stage. These writings are given the name plays or dramas. The drama appears, say experts, the old oral tradition, in which minstrels and bards Greeks went from town to town telling people to fragments of the Iliad and the Odyssey.


Dramaturgy is the art of writing and acting out a story on stage. It is known as a playwright who wrote the works to be represented in theater or other books adapted to the format. The dramatist, therefore, devoted much of the writing of texts and design of the work, and which is responsible for developing the structure of representation.

Criticism of a Theatrical Production

What is the production trying to accomplish?

Production is trying the focus on the realism in the present society. The script is based on the real life example and the mentality of new generation.

How well the production accomplished it?

Production has completely accomplishing its task based on the real life example.

Was the production worth doing?

Production is really worth doing as the script is based on the current generation scenario and drama is also catering the new generation in order to show the negative consequences of such acts.

Definations of Terms


The genre deals with the typical features of literary or cinematic works. It comes from the literature. Since the 1970 years it has become the basis of the U.S. in the film studies established, but it is also in musicology used.


Comedy is a branch of the genus dramatic characterized in that its main characters are faced with the difficulties of everyday life and why they face difficulties making people laugh or you're "public", moved by their own shortcomings to outcomes happy which makes a mockery of human weakness.


The tragedy is dramatic kind that occurred in Ancient Greece. The philosopher Aristotle in his Poetics On provides the following definition of tragedy:


It is a play in which are mixed tragic and comic elements: Also known as ...
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