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Professional Learning Communities

Professional Learning Communities


The purpose of this paper is to enlighten and explore the impact of staff development of students' learning. This paper will elaborate the relationship between the developmental programs aimed at staff development have a significant impact on the learning outcomes of students. There is a subtle relationship between a teacher, and this relationship influences students' academic career. Diverse researchers and practitioners have supported the argument that in order to make student learn effectively; a teacher must be aware about the needs and priorities of the student. It is not possible that every student engulfs similar teaching tactics and methods. Every student has a different frame of mind, and teachers need to formulate distinct teaching approaches that can be easily engulfed by the majority of students in the class (Julie, 2009).

It is a widely accepted phenomenon that there is a gap between a teacher and a student in the class. A student cannot learn efficiently unless that gap blurs and deteriorates. Nowadays, there are a variety of programs that aim to develop certain skills and tactics among the teachers. The researchers have enlightened that staff development has a significant impact on students' learning; hence, these programs play a pivotal role in boosting the educational sector (Julie, 2009). Nowadays, the learning communities focus on various questions while organizing distinct developmental programs for staff. According to learning communities, there are certain questions that need to be addressed while formulating a developmental program for the staff. These questions assist the process to evaluate the relationship between the staff development and improvement in the student's learning (Sharlene, Leanne, 2009).


The staff developmental programs must aim to train the teacher to understand the priorities of the student. There are certain objectives that can be accomplished by incorporating certain steps into the learning process, these objectives are enlightened below:

What do we want students to learn?

How will we know if they have learned it?

What will we do if they do not?

What do we do when they already know it?

There are several students that choose the subject area that does not reflect their standard. This selection may be due to peer or parental pressure. In order to address this issue, individual counseling programs regulate at distinct schools that focus on students' career counseling. However, effective training is essential for staff in order to address the needs and priorities of the student (Joan, 2008). The students may be reluctant to reveal their area of interest; hence, the staff must be tactical to consult with the student in order to focus on the things that student want to learn. In addition, the staff training program must equip the teachers to evaluate the students' priorities against the academic criteria or the things that the institution wants the student to learn. Another focus of the staff developmental programs spotlight on the things students already know. This depends upon the skills and knowledge that students possess (Joan, 2008). This assists the teachers to formulate effective teaching strategies in ...
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