Professional Organization For Teachers Of Ells

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Professional Organization for Teachers of ELLs

Professional Organization for Teachers of ELLs

Name and Contact Details of Selected Organization

The name of the selected organization is Nationalities Service Centre. The Nationalities Service Centre is located near the Philadelphia Convention Center at 12th and Arch Streets. the complete address of the center is as follows:

Nationalities Service Center (NSC)1216 Arch Street, 4th FloorPhiladelphia, PA 19107

Telephone: (215) 893-8400Fax: (215) 735-9718Website:

Groups Served by the Selected Organization

The major group served by the centre is the Refugees and Immigrants. Initially, the centre used to serve the immigrant women with neutralization and immigration problems. They assisted those women and helped them learn English. After that, the centre expanded its services to all the immigrants including the men and their families.

Services Provided by the Selected Organization

The Nationalities Service Centre offers interpretation, translation, legal, educational and social services to the refugees and immigrants all over the Philadelphia, irrespective of the status of immigration and the ability of the English language. They have a diverse number of clients as well as the services provided. The main objectives provided by the centre are as follows:

Protection of the immigrants' legal rights

Empowerment of the refugees and immigrants on the path of social adjustments

Strengthening the communities of the immigrants

Promoting and supporting the humane and fair policies towards the refugees and immigrants

Promotion of the diversity values in the region of Philadelphia

The services of the centre include:


ESOL Courses for students of High & Middle School

Training of the teachers

Classes for foreign language classes

Legal Services

Domestic Violence Program

Translation and Interpretations

Translation Services

Interpretation Services

Senior Centre

ESL classes

Exercise classes

Centre based trips

Holiday and cultural celebrations

Community garden

Wellness and health program

Social service and legal assistance

Social Services

Refugee Advancement Mentor Program (RAMP)

Refugee Employment & Advancement Placement (REAP)

Individual Development Accounts

Support for Torture Survivors

Refugee Health Promotions

Family Reunifications

Cultural Orientations

Job Placement and Job Readiness

Refugee Resettlements

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