Program Reasoning

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Program reasoning


Personal computers that are considered to be business tools are planned to be used as decision makers or partners in decision making efforts. These computers use artificial intelligence to work on their own. The benefit behind artificial intelligence is that the computer will never be subjected to distractions, forgetfulness and bias as human is probable to do so. So artificial intelligence would always be helpful in making better decisions and would keep us away from any unpredictable event.

Program reasoning


Program reasoning comprises of authenticating correctness and also to conclude the properties of all the programs which can be done automatically as well as statically. Programs contain enough structures that are written by human developers in order to make the program reasoning workable and there is also the feasibility to leverage the technology of program reasoning for the purpose of program synthesis automatically (Srivastava, 2010).


Decision support systems are such information systems that are used to scrutinize all the business data. It becomes helpful in decision making simple. Companies and industries have faith on decision support system's data, tools, models and techniques in order to resolve business and healthcare questions worldwide (

Artificial intelligence

Decision support systems are useful in healthcare diagnosis. Such systems are said to be clinical decision support systems. These systems are fed with massive information and intelligence based methods. It becomes helpful for doctors or nurses to collect all the information for making decisions accordingly. An IDSS gathers all the knowledge in the healthcare domain to facilitate those clinical steps that should be taken in order to provide best medical decisions to the patient (Basu, p.33).

Artificial neural networks

It is responsible to simulate the function of biological neural networks. It processes all the information that was retrieved by simulation which is similar to that of human's brain. Such data that is ...
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