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Project Cost and Time Management Group 3 Project Schedule


Robert Downing

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Vanessa Romano

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MGMT435-1104A-01: Unit 3 Group Project

October 14, 2011

Professor Skowronski

Project Cost


Effective marketing of any project is one of the most successful tools for the success of any project. It is important to use effective marketing techniques to get the desired results. For the purpose, it is important to use proper tools and channels for marketing. Emailing is one such an important tool used to reach the target customer in large numbers. This could be achieved by finding out the appropriate customers to whom the message must be sent. In this project, we need to target the international customers, and for that, we have to send detailed emails to diverse clients. For that, we would have to incur the cost because our target is to reach around 200,000-250,000 clients.

The project take 9 months to complete and be fully launched in 9 months at which time the CRM must have been in place for at least 6 weeks and marketing will be ready for a mail out 3 weeks prior to product availability.


One important aspect of the project includes email marketing. It is a very effective measure to convey message to a large target market. We target to email around 250,000 individuals over 10 days. Our aim is to email our target market in such a way that it reaches its target audience and we do not miss out. We had to analyze the costing and hire a third party to get it done.

The cost for the internal emailing is based on the mentioned formula:

Cost = * Email users * Total Minutes * Average Employee Wage per minute

The cost of email for one users equals to $6.97 within the organization. The cost of external email is twice to that of internal mail. The cost for one external email is equal to $13.94 and since we intend to send 250,000 emails over ten days, the total cost of emailing would equal to $ 3485000. To reduce the cost of emailing it is necessary to learn the about country's internal distribution system. When the West Cost wanted to spread their magazine, they had to face disappointment as they did not have much knowledge about the costing and system of the country. The problems of mailing arise due to lack of sound and cost effective system. Hence, it often creates a problem for companies (AIU Online course Material, 2010).

.The cost for such mailing system would require an international company who would carry out this task and an email list generating company, who will give the names of prospective clients.

Even, after these companies are hired, problems are faced by the company as distribution system interrupts, so a company providing best services should be hired for this process. Before producing and generating email system, it is important for the company to review the emailing requirements of the country. The company can also opt for international mailing ...
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