How Organization Can be Restructured for the Greater Competitiveness

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Project Week 8: Annotated Outline

Project Week 8: Annotated Outline


The purpose of this paper is to discuss organization and how organization can be restructured for the greater competitiveness. In order to identify the traditional organization structure its restructuring, I prepared proposal for Wal-Mart. I identified key issues in Wal-Mart based on the article by Nadler and Tushman (1999). This paper will focus more closely on the article and the issues discussed by Nadler and Tushman (1999), in the form of an annotated outline. Wal-Mart is facing various issues in its organizational structure due to the outdated and traditional way of dealing with organizational process and structure. According to McKinley (2014), there the organization us unable to respond to the current market demands and it is very difficult to maintain the sustainability of this organization in future competitive market. On the basis of study conducted by Nadler and Tushman (1999), the organizations need to configure or construct their structures.


Nadler and Tushman (1999) discussed six strategic imperatives that are essential to win the competition. These strategic imperatives include focusing portfolio in order to improve business models with latest changes in the market. Another important imperative is abbreviation in the strategic lifecycle. Nadler and Tushman (1999) presenteed the idea of 'strategic enterprise' acording to which the organizations need to focus and leverage their structures (Boonstra, 2008). It also includes creating market flexibility to sustain in the competitive market. Innovation and management of intra enterprise cannibalism is also essential.

Nadler and Tushman (1999) also discussed the eight core competencies that can assist in dealing with organizational challenges in a better way. These include increasing the organizational clock speed with timely anticipation and response to the changes. In order to increase the organizational speed senior leaders need to understand the quickening cycles. Another important step is to establish better organizational roles, structures, and processes that can assist in bringing improvement in the organizational structure. It is very essential to meet the demand of speed in the organization so that leaders can ensure swiftness for managing accountability, resources, and sufficient information.

Second issue that is needed to be addressed for restructuring involves designing of structural divergence. Organizations required business deigns to achieve value in an organization. It is also important to bring improvement in the design and architecture of the organization. It also requires creating balance and establishing linkage in different businesses. Establishing ...
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