Promote Children And Young People's Positive Behaviour

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Promote children and young people's positive behaviour

Promote children and young people's positive behaviour


The purpose of this document is to provide guiding principles, tools and resources that promote positive student behaviour. These principles, tools and resources are presented as either prevention strategies or intervention techniques. These strategies and techniques are aimed at school-wide, classroom and individual levels. Prevention of negative behaviours is the key to establishing a positive school-wide climate and an effective classroom atmosphere. Intervention techniques focus on a progressive approach to supporting individual students.

Insignificant Claims

The psychological and biological factors are not convincing enough for such acts. Not every sexual offender is suffering from a disorder or is mentally unstable. There is a very small percentage of sexual offenders who suffer from such disorders, while the others get involved in such activities due to lust and sexual desire.

Media is impacting people in a very negative way and is a major contributing in the increase of sexual offense. The sexual content on media is displayed so clearly, and the meaning of such messages is so explicit that it ultimately leads to such behavior. Even the advertisements that are aired on the television contain such messages. Internet is another medium where sexual content is just few clicks away. When an individual is surrounded with such information all the time, he will eventually perform such acts (Hodgson & Kelley, 2001).

There is no doubt that psychological and biological factors also play an active role in sexual offense, but the percentage of sexual offenders suffering from such disorders is very small. Sexual offense is a serious crime and the offenders should be punished for committing this crime.

Ethically controlling Sexual Offense

Sexual offenses should be controlled. By considering these factors and letting it happen, sexual offense cannot be controlled; in fact, the percentage of such incidents will increase. Sexual offense can be controlled by treating people who suffer from biological and psychological disorders. They should be given proper treatment so that they do not perform such activities. There are special centers established where people suffering from biological and psychological disorders are treated (Ward, Et. al, 2005).

Another way of ethically controlling sexual offense is by punishing people who are mentally stable and do not suffer from any such disorder. There is the law against sexual offenders, which should be, followed and implemented in such cases. People who commit the crime of sexual offense should be given their due punishment, so that other people learn a lesson and do not even think of committing this crime.

Protecting our society from sexual offenders is a difficult task, but it can be achieved by punishing the guilty. Researchers have found out that people suffering from paraphilic disorders when treated, can return to sexual offense later.

After examining the details of sex offense registration policy in the revision section, this section focuses on the outcome, effectiveness of the policy and the future recommendations for better implementation.

Behavior Management in Childhood Education

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