Promoting Positive Health Behaviors

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Promoting positive Health Behaviors

Promoting positive Health Behaviors


Nebraska Every Woman Matters (EWM) is an affiliated propgram that is funded by the Nebraska community foundation (NCF). The organization is established to help the uninsured and underinsured women cancer patients pay treatment costs. These are the ones that are diagnosed with breast and cervical cancer through EWM program. The practice of screening would not only help in saving lives but also would help in reducing the cost of healthcare. Another important goal of the practice is to reduce the health-related misery of the patients. Periodic screening for breast cancer has been effectively used for reducing the health-related burden of women. It is important to note that leaving patients without sufficient treatment is risky because it may expose her to health-related risks.

Every Woman Matters (EWM) is a federally funded program that is designed for removing the barriers that can be expeirenced in breast and cervical cancer screening. Women that are eligible to receive a breast examination, mammography and Papanicolaou smear test do not have to pay for the screening process (Backer, 2005). Numerous decades of trying to improve preventive service delivery show no magic bullets but most of the alter physicians practices show a modest level of success in implementation. It is important for the staff to be flexible in order for the practice behavior to be changed. The model of GAPS is based on the concept that enhances the preventive care and modifes office operations. The involvement of staff, at each step, is necessary. These steps include goal setting, assessing existing routines and planning for making improvement in support routine (Dietrich, 1994).

Practice based inventions study is designed to collaborate with the Nebraska Health Human Service EWM program that helps the healthcare professional in practices and identifying barriers that they can encounter ...
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