Prose Narrative Criticism

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Prose Narrative Criticism

Prose Narrative Criticism


An effort of Robert Louis Stevenson in his story, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, is a work of fiction which reveals the features of dreadfulness, stressing on episodes resultant from controlled experiments. The story has rudiments of science literature, a fictional type highlighting on an illusory tale of how technical experimentations, breakthroughs, and innovations have an effect on individuals for better or bad picture. The story also has features of Gothic literature. On the other hand, the storyteller of T.C. Boyle's Greasy Lake comes to be the eventual revolt leading first glimpse. He presents character of the story as being distant from something good or healthy. He creates the character out to be imperfect and distressed to be insubordinate that the storyteller really has no option but to modify from his customary manners.

Thesis Statement: Good on the contrary to evil is, in actual fact, the major theme and setting of both the stories. This paper will compare this theme in both tales.


Setting Analysis of Both Stories

Greasy Lake: The plot is multifaceted. All events in the story take place in sequential order, but throughout the track more than one main route of act occurs. At first, the boys sought after a good occasion. Then they are in a struggle for continued existence. The characters in this tale were not intensely portrayed; though, they are offered distinguishing features. The boys are active characters in the story. In the start, they experience as if they are powerful to be considered with; nonetheless, at the closing stages of the account they are hiding in terror for their existence. At one position, the boys made an attempt to sexually assault a woman, but afterward sex was openly presented and they instantly turn down. Moving of age appears to be a concern. When at first they realized as if they were grownups and even take a mature judgment in the struggle to take hold of a tire rod and then to effort to rape a woman; conversely, they are very reluctant to countenance the outcomes as grownups. Perhaps the example to this is not to attempt and become adult rapidly.

Robert Louis Stevenson's resource of idea for The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde was a hallucination he had at the same time as getting better from an ill health at Bournemouth, England. When he awoke from it, the fine points of the plot came together and he inscribed them down.

Characters Analysis of Both Stories

In this short story, writer uses the setting to reproduce the frame of morals and dishonesty of a society's adolescence, generate a proper setting, and better build up the characters of the account. He is capable to attain this by centering the account at the Greasy Lake and employing the lagoon as both a background and disposition. Greasy Lake is characterized by the storyteller in an n intentionally dreadful to the normal booklover. Nevertheless, he and his associates perceive the lagoon as ...
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