Qualitative Article Critique

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Qualitative Article Critique

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In every field, whether business or education the role of research is indispensable for the growth of the field. For that purpose, it is significant to impart best possible knowledge to students about research. Performing the process of research is not enough; practitioners, scholars and students must also know how to utilize the research that already exists. Performing the process of critique about the research report also provides a great deal of information and can ultimately result in the advancement and growth of the field by pointing out the positive, negative, strong and weak points of the research report. The aim of this paper is also to perform the critical analysis of the research report. To fulfill the purpose of this paper a research study is selected and then this study is analyzed in a critical way.

Research Critique

The research article that is selected for this study is titled as “Shades of disengagement: high school dropouts speak out” by Anne Lessard and Diane Marcotte. This article was published in the year 2007in Springer.

Questions Addressed by the Researchers

As the title of the study suggests this article is about the education. In this article, there are two questions that are addressed by the researchers. The first question aims to know how students decide the journey of their academic life and the second question of the article is to find out the causes of dropouts. Influence of Existing Literature on Research

The literature review that is discussed in this article is wide and covers all the aspects of the research issue. Credible and scholarly articles are reviewed by researcher. The positive and strength of this article is that after performing the literature review the researchers did not allow the gathered information to influence the results. The results are ...
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