Read Three Articles And Find Some Common Topics Among Three Articles And What Do We Learn From The Three Articles

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Read Three Articles And Find Some Common Topics Among Three Articles And What Do We Learn From The Three Articles


The world comprises of human beings and humans have further been divided into two categories as per their gender i.e. man and woman. Different writers have written differently considering various views on men and women. In the topic under discussion we are taking into account three articles in which authors have provided with different perspectives regarding two genders, their qualities, their way of thinking and their life styles. It describes the lifestyle of a woman in different ways. Both the genders have different perspectives, different thinking level, and different lifestyles. They both work simultaneously for the benefit of each other. All men require women and vice versa. The life can never run without the presence of both the genders. They are dependent on each other for a better living. The study covers women and their fantasies, a good mistress and rights of women.


Women in particular are considered feeble. The behavior of women sometimes proves that their minds are not vigorous. Men are more interested in women as a seductive and enthralling object rather a human creature. Awareness of sex has very much captured the minds of both the genders that everyone tries to fulfill it at the earliest. Civilized women of the current century are more interested in love when they require having a noble aim and their beliefs respect appropriately (Wollstonecraft, p.339).

Articles written by genius men have also been written with the same thought in mind that women have always been dominated and disregarded in the society. They have not been given a proper status in the society by men. A man has always dominated women. It is a natural phenomenon, every man wants to dictate woman. Although physical strength may not be denied that women are mostly less powerful as compared to men but women on their end may become a great assistance to men.

Today, women need to be stronger and take the life seriously and professionally. They have been disregarded by men and treated as men wanted them. Both men and women mostly want to fulfill their sexual requirement although being aware of the practical situations. To do sex they forget everything. This implies at the middle class level often because this class is more stable and natural. Poor class is more interested to earn the bread for their living and upper class has their own fantasies. Middle class people are more interested in sex rather than their work just to amuse themselves. And this amusement is nothing but a rotten end if seen practically (Wollstonecraft, p.339).

Women are required to strengthen themselves physically as well as intellectually. Their minds shall not be easily played by cunning men. Persuasive phrases, receptiveness of heart, frailty of sentiment and elegance of taste are symptoms of weakness. Women need to be aware of all the traits of men used to persuade women so to avoid misleading trials of men.

Woman's success lies in ...
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