Real Madrid And Barcelona

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Real Madrid and Barcelona

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Life is beautiful! In order to increase the pleasure of this life we indulge in different activities and adopt different habits. Sport is one of such things that can allow us to revitalize ourselves and boost our energy level. When we talk about sports then the first game that comes to mind is soccer. As soon as the name of the soccer is heard faces of Ronaldo, Zinedine Zidane, Xavi and Lionel Messi begin to appear in our minds. Soccer is a sport about which people possess immense passion. It is a sport that has its own traditions, values and rivalry. Club matches and various leagues keep this sport alive throughout the year. Rivalry and neck to neck competition between different teams also keep the soccer lovers enthusiastic and passionate. When we talk about rivalry then the teams of Real Madrid and Barcelona is most famous with this regard. The aim and objective of this paper is also to talk about these two teams. The following part of the paper presents discussion about these two teams from different perspectives.


Real Madrid and Barcelona are considered as world's richest as well as successful football clubs in the world. These two clubs are also considered as the most influential clubs of the world. These two clubs have never been relegated in the La Liga. Real Madrid and Barcelona are also referred as representation of the opposing political parties in Spain. The team of Real Madrid is supposed to as the representation of the Spanish nationalism on the other hand Spanish nationalism is supposed as the representation of Catalanism. It has been so long that the competition and challenge between Barcelona and Real Madrid surpassed and hence the election procedure for the presidency of these two clubs is politicized in a strong and influential way.

Culture of Football Barcelona - Real Madrid El Classico 07.10.2012 Highlights HD. Dir. BarcaHDFootball. YouTube. N.p., 7 Oct. 2012. Web. 10 Oct. 2012

This video presents a scenario of the football practice that remains on between Real Madrid and Barcelona. This video points out a scenario by showing community. People of alike minded gather in one community and as soon as one of the members show something different he goes out of the community and join the group of others. This is the custom of the football players that is going on between these two teams from years. Players play for one single club but when one mentions the wishes or under the influence of various other sources he shifts from real Madrid to Barcelona or vice versa. Another thing that is mentioned in this video is the poll of the players. One circle in the video is shown as the gator nation other is shown as friends and the last one is shown as the acquaintances. The member who is shown to be separated from the gator nation to acquaintances is the one who has different identity. So, he was made ...