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Thesis Statement

Although recycling is time consuming process and needs planning along with efforts, it is required because it conserves our natural resources, it protects our health and environment and it provides benefits for both manufacturers and consumers.


Recycling is referred to the procedure of reprocessing of used materials into new products in order to avoid the waste of potentially useful resources. Moreover, recycling decreases the use of raw materials and reduces the usage of energy. This cause in less greenhouse gas emissions as compared to virgin production. In the era of 1930s and 40s, conservation and recycling became significant in American society and in many different regions of the world. Economic depressions are the major reasons which made it a necessity for several people to survive, as they couldn't afford new goods (Wagner, 2009, pp. 452-456).

In 1940s, the war efforts were supported by the recycling and rationing of nylon, rubber and many metals. Though recycling may look like a modern idea introduced with the environmental movement of the 1970s, it's actually been around for decades. However, recycling suffered in the past few years due to lack of knowledge among the people. But by the passage of time it received significant importance because of numerous benefits. The success of recycling is due to the acceptance of the general public, the growth of recycling economy and laws that require or force the collected recycled content in certain manufacturing processes.

Why People Should Recycle

Recycling is a vital element of current waste reduction and is the main component of reduce, reuse and recycle waste hierarchy. Furthermore, recycling saves energy, decreases raw material extraction along with combats climate change. Most of the researchers are in the view that recycling our waste is better for the environment instead of incinerating it. Recycling eliminates the need for raw-materials like metals, forests and oil which helps in reducing the impact on the environment (Haerens, 2012, pp. 25-29)

Recycling is a very important factor for environmental care. Recycling has also been involved in multiple economic benefits. For the business, recycling is the foundation of all their income such as businesses that purchases used goods, recycles them and resells new goods. For cities in compactly populated regions that have to pay by the tons for the landfill usage, recycling can make millions of dollars off municipal budgets. Economic studies reveal that recycling can produce three times more revenues per ton because landfill disposal and approximately six times as many jobs.

Preservation of the Natural Resources

Today, in most of the communities there is an increasing concern for recycling and the environment. There is no confusion that with the help of recycling, we can save energy and raw-materials along with reduction in pollution. It has always been a matter of serving the environment and for economic reasons. We cannot maintain our industrial way of life without receiving inundated by waste and exhausting the resources of the earth. The things that we utilize are wrapped in different layers of packaging material that are perfectly recyclable ...
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