Recycling Construction Wastes

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Recycling of construction wastes-New technology and its implementation


Construction waste is referred to as the waste, produced by the process of construction, renovation or remodeling of the building. There are many materials that fall into the category of the waste are produced by the process of construction. It has been estimated that around 8,000 lbs of waste are typically thrown into the land infill during the construction of a 2,000 square foot home. There is a huge amount of the construction material that is either not up to the quality for the construction or cannot be used for certain reasons. All this is construction waste. The amount of concrete produced while demolition of any building is a considerable amount to use it for the earth infill and many other construction methods.

There are many materials that can be recycled during demolition when renovating buildings.This waste is produced usually in the demolition of the buildings. This waste recycling will create economical and sustainable methods of management of C&D (Construction and Demolition) Waste. The waste that is produced by the demolition of the building creates an alarming situation for the environmental issues. The primary goal of this paper is to compile all the technologies and study the use of these technologies that are used for the recycling of the construction waste produced. This paper aims to find out the materials that are produced as the waste during the process for demolition specfically and the material that can be recycled and regenerated from the waste. Case studies will also be undertaken in order to find out the use of the technology that has been implemented successfully in the past. The expected outcomes of this paper are the compilation of the program and the methods that are involved the process of the demolition.

Keywords: Recycling, Building Construction, Construction Waste, Construction Companies,

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Literature Review4

Production of construction waste and recycling4

Program for recycling construction waste5

Amounts of construction waste5

Selective Demolition7

Applications for recycled materials8

Organization and control of recycling systems9

Main Content9


The problem of waste management in Ukraine9

Assessments and Discussions10

Conclusions and Opinions13


Recycling of Construction Wastes: New Technology and its Implementation


The countries in the modern world are developing rapidly, building new industrial and civil facilities of transport, industrial, civil infrastructure. There have been solved issues and emergency demolition of obsolete facilities, dilapidated housing, renovation of residential and office space. All this leads to the formation of excess solid construction waste, recycling and disposal in landfills which require new buildings, which are often in locations of these works are not enough. Based on the characteristics of land use in the country faces a complicated situation for the disposal of the new sections of arable agricultural and other lands for landfills and sites intended for disposal and recycling of solid construction waste. The proposed technology of utilization of solid construction waste include drobilnosortirovochnym which is complex (hereinafter - the technology), the system of recycling, is aimed at addressing dismantling of industrial and civil facilities, processing of construction materials (concrete, asphalt, concrete structures, brick ...
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