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Red Light Camera

Red Light Camera


Red light running is one of the severe intersections safety issues across the United States. In Accordance with the Nation's Highway Traffic Safety Administrations, red light running accidents alone caused 762 death(s) in the year 2008. Around 165,000 motorists, bicyclists, and amblers injured yearly by red light runners (people who do not stop on red light traffic signal). The Indemnity Institutes for Highway Safety reported that half of the people killed in red light running crashes not because of the signal violator; they are other driver and pedestrian hit by red light runner. The City of Houston Texas is committed to the safety of the society and dedicated to dropping preventable collision at signalized connections. Every year, there are thousands of crashes that arise due to a motorcyclist running a red light in Houston (


Houston red light cameras implemented to restrict disobediences. Late last month, after a long battle that dates back to November, Houston shut down its 70 red light cameras. City residents voted in a referendum during the election to ban the red light camera, but a federal judge found that the vote was illegal, and the cameras were turned on again, to return this summer by order of Mayor Annise Parker. The situation experienced in Houston was impossible to hear, but it was the only city to show their rejection of red light cameras ( In early summer, Los Angeles eliminated the chambers of their intersections, largely due to the failure of police to charge when complaints are issued. In 2007, the Minnesota Supreme Court decided that red light cameras in Minneapolis had violated the right of citizens. There have been many states that have taken this technology in the street. Opponents of red light cameras, such as Gary Biller, of the National Motorists Association, believe that the anti-chambers fever reached other cities "I think it will be gradual. Will be a long battle," said Biller, whose Wisconsin-based group advocates for the rights and freedoms of motorists. "We're seeing that is happening in cities like Houston, Los Angeles, important examples of cities that are disabling." If there is a struggle, no doubt will it will be long. While a few cities have eliminated red light cameras, many of the cities in the country are still using these cameras, and most of them will continue using it. The Institute Insurance for Highway Safety recently conducted a study on the subject in 14 large cities that still use these cameras, including Chicago, Baltimore, San Diego, Portland and Washington DC, and the result was a blatant endorsement by citizens:

About two thirds of the drivers in the 14 cities that were in favor of the cameras were 42% as a supporter of the decision. The main reasons were to increase safety, which discourages drivers to bypass traffic lights, and helps to enforce the law, but police did not succeed. When asked why they opposed the cameras, drivers said most of the cameras can make ...
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