Reflecting On A Care Episode In Practice

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Reflecting on a care episode in practice

Reflecting on a care episode in practice

1- The essay is based on the topic “Reflection on a Care Episode in Practice”. The essay tells about the system of care that is provided to the patients at different care centres that is at hospitals. There have been described different episodes or stages of care that is given to the patients. The patient passes through different stages of care at hospital during his treatment. There are different people who take care of the patients at these stages. It includes doctors, nurses and other medical staff who take care of the patients while they are suffering from the fatal diseases. The information that is gathered recorded and stored about the patient remains confidential by ensuring only authorized members and agencies have its access. In addition, all the information concerning the service-users is maintained safely in the doctors' office where it is filed in a cabinet and the door remains locked at all times. The only members of staff who have the keys to the doctors' office are the nurses in charge for the shift. The trust policy on confidentially states that all members of staff must adhere to the regulations set by the trust in regards to confidentiality (Abel, 2003, 514).

2- Mrs Alice Johnson is a female with 40 years of age. She was admitted into the hospital following episodes of not being able to cope with daily activities at home and work due to excessive swings in her mood. Sometimes, she presents herself to be in an overexcited state while at other times, she becomes extremely sad or hopeless. She had been diagnosed with bipolar depressive disorder and anxiety five years ago. This time when her family had a review appointment with the psychiatrist, it was decided that Mrs Johnson should be admitted into hospital under Section 2 of the Mental Health Act (1983) for assessment. The assessment is followed by treatment for the period of twenty-eight days. Mrs Johnson is also suffering from hypertension that must be checked twice a day (Abel, 2003, 514).

As Mrs. Johnson is suffering from the hypertension, she must be checked twice a day by her general physician or nurse. This care is given in the following manner: Before the procedure the nurse checks the equipment and environment and ensures that the Sphygmomanometer has the appropriate size cuff. She also checks the Stethoscope, brings alcohol wipes and the observation chart. She makes it certain that Mrs. Johnson did not have a meal, smoke or exercise in the previous 30 minutes in order to obtain an accurate reading. Mrs. Johnson has given with the choice by asking which arm she would prefer to have her blood pressure taken. The nurse makes sure that the patient was sitting in a comfortable position. Encouragement and reassurance was given as she was anxious about having her blood pressure taken. The nurse was composed and supportive during the ...
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