Reflection X: The Healing Of America, Part II

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Reflection X: The Healing of America, Part II

Reflection X: The Healing of America, Part II


The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is often termed as Obamacare in the United States of America. This bill, however; was signed by the President Barrack Obama on 23rd of March, 2010. As a matter of fact, this particular act exhibits one of the pivotal regulator overhaul of the health care system of the United States of America after the year 1965 when the Medicare and Medicaid was passed. In fact, the very aim of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is to enhance the quality as well as the affordability of the health insurance, and to stretching the public and private insurance blanket both for individual as well as for government, which will ultimately lead to lower health associated costs (Reid, 2009).

According to Reid, the recently amalgamated health care initiative of the America is subject to the major surgery. As a matter of fact, this health care act is one of its kinds and is also have certain distinct characteristics, which are unique. Hence, this paper will give a reflection of the views of Reid pertaining to the American Affordable Care Act.


The bill passed by President Barrack Obama under the broad umbrella of providing ease to public pertaining to the health care facilities, both in terms of health benefits as well as reduced cost, has been debated on aggressive pace. Primarily there is no such country having such kinds of dream, which American has adopted over the period of time. This bill proves that fundamental problems, like health care, cannot be dealt through superficial tactics, rather needs a paradigm shift into their whole infrastructure. Reid's give prime importance over the structure of this unique health care act like stating that any kind of proposal ...