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Reflections And Answer Some Question About Stories And A Novel

Discussion 1

Making a confession is one of the most difficult tasks and almost everyone has been through a situation where we have made fool of ourselves and have been so embarrasses that we wanted the earth to crack open so we can hide our faces in the hole. I remember going to confession when I had to confess about the nastiest thing I have ever done. I was scared to death as I thought that this was the end to my happy life and following the confession I might get tormented, insulted and ridiculed by others for being a bad kid. However, my biggest fear was not being scolded by adults but I feared going to jail. I thought that after the confession I would directly go to jail. But in any case I was forced to make this confession.

One of my friends was sick at home. Another friend of mine and I decided to prank call her using a pay-phone. We called her up and threatened her that once she'll step out of home she'll be kidnapped. She was really scared and decided not to go out even after she recovered from flu. Her parents and she got really scared and we realized what a stupid prank it was. However we had no guts to tell her that the prank call was done by us. Time passed by and eventually my friend and her family understood that the call was just a prank.

Her parents were beyond scared too and tried contacting police; however they never really went and complained thinking it was a prank call. For ages my friend and I were scared that police would come over and arrest us. At that time I found it really scary as I was sure that we'll be convicted by police after confession, I cried in my bed for hours a night before. Now whenever my friend and I sit we laugh our heads off on our stupidity. We should have told our parent's ages ago about prank call but kept it as a secret fearing about being convicted.

The author Frank O'Connor in his story “The first confession” talks about the fear one faces because of confession. He criticized the way religious people behave in name of God, and pretty much his criticisms are vague. Religious people behave a certain way because they have faith, a strong one, on God. Unless you don't fear God you just can't follow the correct path, and to fear God one must keep in mind the life hereafter and the punishments and rewards in that life.

Discussion 2

Women and men are still primarily equal, instead of the technology which has surrounded them. The best instance of basic spirit of women and men in the Harrison himself as he battles against his independence. The uniqueness and tenacity of Harrison is not out-shined through handicaps government has put on him. The rebellion of Harrison in opposition to ...
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