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Assessment - Reflective Exercise

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Table of Content

Learning I Have Gained From the Study of International Marketing and How This Learning Has Enabled the Development of My Analytical and Behavioural Skills1

Personal Learning & Skills Development1

Group Experience & Learning3

Different Learning Approach in Future5

How This Learning and Skills Will Help My Future Employability5

Concluding Remarks6

Assessment - Reflective Exercise

Learning I Have Gained From the Study of International Marketing and How This Learning Has Enabled the Development of My Analytical and Behavioural Skills

The educators are primarily concerned with the learning and development they offer to various individuals, therefore, every course of education offers us some significant teachings. Among all these some programs, some educational programs are effective, while others lack certain main attributes. This reflective exercise comprehensively represents my learning throughout the International Marketing course by illustrating my personal learning and skills development; my group experience and learning; my alteration in learning approach in future; and how this learning and skills will help my future employability.

Personal Learning & Skills Development

Throughout the International Marketing course classes, I have gained wide range of learning and explored developmental aspects. Where, these learning and development have offered me enhanced abilities and skills such as intellectual growth; development of leadership skills; enhancing my market grip; development of creative marketing skills and strategies; meaningful interpersonal relationship development; effective communication skills; team management abilities; time management skill; and several others. This course was aimed to provide us (students) a broad understanding of the challenges as well as opportunities of marketing in an international context; development of abilities or skills essential for designing, assessing, and evaluating international marketing strategies and making effective business decisions. I must say that the course have achieved its objective to its broader extent, since I have gained thorough learning and sound understanding of various aspects of international marketing and have developed different skills and abilities in terms of marketing.

I found this course as motivating and informative, since my understanding and knowledge of worldwide approach to the marketing issues has been significantly expanded by attending classes of this course. For example, I got to know many things about globalisation and start viewing marketing with respect to it, as globalisation have impacted and overall changed the marketing practices for business across the world. My knowledge in such areas of International Marketing has been updated, for instance, my concepts of influence of global factors to firm's management decision making; selection of strategies for entering new markets; ways of developing and introducing new products in international marketing; marketing research fundamentals for international markets; marketing mix for international marketing; and other have developed effectively. Thus, I really believe that attending classes of this course and doing my assignments or projects have let my knowledge expand and my skills developed effectively.

Throughout the classes, frequent discussions took place that I found very motivating; effective; and encouraging. Though, during discussions in initial classes I found myself reluctant to participate in them. Most of the time, I wanted to participate, and answer I was ...
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