Reflective Practice Assignment

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Reflective Practice Assignment

1.0 Professional Development Planning3

1.1 Experiential Learning and reflective practice3

1.3 Learning Agreement4

1.4 Learning Objectives6

2.0 Reflection and evaluation of my three focus skills8

2.1 Focus skill 1: Overcoming shyness and making a team effort8

2.2 Focus skill 2: lack of specialised knowledge regarding the field9

Achievement and evaluation:10

2.3 Focus skill 3: Improving my English language skills10

Achievement and Evaluation11

3.0 Evaluation of my overall development12

4.0 My goals for the future13

5.0 References14

6. Appendices16

6.1 Questionnaire16

6.2 Results17

1.0 Professional Development Planning

1.1 Experiential Learning and reflective practice

T.R. Guskey, (2000) described professional development as those processes and activities designed to enhance the professional knowledge, skills, and attitudes of educators so that they might, in turn, improve the learning of students. In some scenarios, it entails learning how to redesign educational structures and cultures. Cottrell, (2000) identified three concepts of personal development, which includes; improved performance, learning, and a structured plan to achieve goals. In my case, professional development will be relied on continuous developing process, where I can challenge myself to improve on my skills, needed to help shape my future career (Cottrell, 2010).

Kolb's (1984) learning model (Fig.1) shows how an individual follows a four-stage cycle of experiential learning. Bolton (2005) expanciated that education is not primarily concerned with the accumulation of facts and techniques, but rather the expression and clarification of individual experience. This connote that education actually lies with the individual. Reflective learning starts when the individual develops certain feelings, ideas and behaviour in course of the experience. This is done more effectively when the individual re-valuate the experience, and then concentrates on the feelings experienced.

Fig.1 Kolb's learning model

1.3 Learning Agreement

This learning agreement is centred on my reflection as an individual; my strength and weaknesses. This will help me weigh what I have learnt over time. Basically, I'm using SMART, which means Specific, Measurable, Achievable, and Relevant, with certain Timeline as my objective. My goals are set as a challenge, which have to be attained.

Hailing from Nigeria, I attained my education up to the level of a university. I obtained BSC in Political Science. During my university era, I had little working experiences in-between. For instance, when I was in my 200 level, I did a module called Administrative Attachment; I was posted to ministry of women affairs in my state. When I was in my 300 level, I did another module called legislative attachment. This time, I was posted to my state Legislature. As I was done with university, I took part in a compulsory one year service to my Nation called National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). Basically, these attachments didn't attract any monetary benefit, but was service oriented. I learnt some important skills through these engagements especially communication skills, which will help shape my career.

In January, 2013, I gained admission to study International Business at Masters Level, in Leeds Metropolitan University. It has been a wonderful experience studying in Leeds Met, I have made a lot of wonderful friends from different cultures, conducive learning environment and most of all, wonderful tutors; who do nothing but giving ...