Relationship Between Hurricanes And Relief Provided By The Red Cross

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Relationship between hurricanes and relief provided by the Red Cross

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Difficulties faced by the ESF-6 staff of the Red Cross because of the short rotations In working for the hurricanes7



Relationship between hurricanes and relief provided by the Red Cross


Hurricanes are basically spiraling and huge tropical storms. These storms can bring wind with the speed of more than 160 miles that is 257 kilometers per hour and allow running free more than 2.4 trillion gallons that is 9 trillion liters of the rain within a day. In the Bay of Bengal and northern Indian Ocean these tropical storms are called cyclones, and in the western Pacific Ocean these tropical oceans are known as typhoons. The season of hurricanes of Atlantic Ocean hit the highest point from the mid of the August to the end of the October. On average five to six hurricanes takes place every year. Hurricanes are generated as the tropical disturbances in the warm water of the ocean with the minimum surface temperature of the eighty degree Fahrenheit which is 26.5 degree Celsius. These systems of low pressure are provided energy from the warm sea. If the speed of about 38 miles is attained by the storm that is 61 kilometer per hour then it becomes or it may be known as the tropical depression. Later on, when this tropical storm reach the speed of sixty three kilometers which is thirty nine miles per hour, then this tropical depression becomes tropical storms (nationalgeographic, 2012).

Tropical storms like hurricanes make destructions in number of different ways. Ninety percent of the hurricanes cause the deaths that result from the storm surges. High winds of the hurricanes can are also very much destructive and it may also produce or generate tornadoes. Further damages are caused by the landslides and floods that are produced by the torrential rains. The best way of defense from the hurricanes can occur by the forecast which will help to people to get out from the situation in the best way. The national hurricane center watches the storms to take care, help and provide aid to the communities and also give warnings about the hurricanes (Pielke,, 2005).



The Red Cross is an organization that provides aid and assistance after the disasters such as terrorist attacks or hurricanes. It is the largest relief organization of the nation for the disasters. Red Cross was founded in 1881. Red Cross has offered humanitarian cares and relief services to the people affected from the war or from the dangerous natural disasters. Red Cross is a private nonprofit organization. It had a congressional charter since 1905. The congressional charter means organization serves as the source of the communication among the armed forces and the people of America and also provides relief services and disaster prevention. Among the fifty members of the Red Cross, eight members are appointed by the United States' president and among these eight members seven are federal officials. Red Cross provides direct relief services to the victims of the ...
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