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Book Review: How To Understand Your Bible

Book Review: How to Understand Your Bible

Book Review: How to Understand Your Bible


Religion and Theology is the subject on which there uncountable material and literature is available. This is the reason that it always creates difficulty for the readers in deciding which to choose and how to choose. Apart from this there have been various books and other things available about bible. To read and understand bible in its correct sense and with its true essence is the most important task. There are a large number of people, who have difficulty in reading and understanding the Bible, due to its complex structure, language, principals and the different other literary devices such as parables and different figure of speeches. Another problem for the readers is that, even the language of Bible has now become very easy to understand and there are various illustrations for its proper understanding even then, there are some symbols and elements of Hebrew poetry which creates difficulty for the readers.”How to Understand Your Bible” by Norton Sterrett and Richard Schultz is the best book to provide guidance for the beginners (Christianbook.Com 2012).


There are a various books available in the market to provide guidance and to assist in better understanding of the Bible, but those books are very specific and readers cannot have complete understanding of it. Hall (2004) also addressed the problems with the readers in understanding the Bibel. To resolve this problem Norton Sterrett provide the complete guidance and rules for understanding the bible from the very beginning (Sterrett, 1982). He followed the best approach in explaining and guiding the reader by providing general rules and then moving towards the specific rules to assist in better understanding of biblical terms and other features. In this reader does feel any trouble in understanding and reading of Bible and smoothly understands each and every principle of reading and understanding it.

Later Richard Schultz further updated this classic beginner’s guide by Norton Sterrett and makes it more easy and helpful for the readers (Sterrett & Schultz, 2010). He added further references and different other illustrations to provide guidance for the readers to avoid any difficulty due to the problem in the literary language of the English and another problem is that there were still different words that creates problem in translation in the contemporary English. He also includes different examples to assist reader while reading. This book is not only written as a guiding book providing basic illustrations but also assists in understanding the life and the influence of Bible in our life. It is a book which cans reader in choosing the right path by understanding the teachings of what God has meant to explain. This is one of the best books which can consider as the life time asset.


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T. Norton Sterrett wrote the book on the basic guidance provided to the readers to develop better understanding of the Bible by providing better explanations, illustrations and principles for the understanding of ...