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Research Papers on Religion and Theology

Theology relates to the study of various religious beliefs which may vary from Roman ideals to Christian ideologies. Theology research papers focus on different religions, their beliefs and practices. Researchomatic has compiled some of the most authentic research papers on religion and theology, each of which has been carefully selected in order to provide quality content to the students.

Genesis 40: 1-23
Genesis 40: 1-23 Genesis 40: 1-23 Introduction Joseph is considered to be the dreamer, a man who saw the future through dreams, and although things coming into your life did not seem as good as your dreams, never stopped dreaming and never stopped trusting in Him who gave their dreams, and dreams ...
Nouwen And Christianity
Nouwen and Christianity [Name of the institute]Nouwen and Christianity Introduction Henri Jozef Machiel Nouwen (Nijkerk , January 24 of 1932 - Hilversum - September 21 of 1996) was a Catholic Dutch , theologian , priest and writer , author of 40 books on the spiritual life. He worked at Harvard University , the ...
Holy Pilgrimages of the Catholics to the Towns of the Medjugorje and Herzegovina
Religion Religion This research paper presents a detailed discussion on the holy pilgrimages of the Catholics to the towns of the Medjugorje and Herzegovina while placing emphasis on the supernatural apparitions of their children and the historic developments for various churches. The last section of the paper specifically overviews the religious ...
Worship Project
Worship Project Abstract Kenyan community immigrants who attend south view Seventh-day Adventist church have a problem in worship. Many problems are faced by these people while their worship in churches. In every group or community, there are different views and perception about religious practices, they have their own ideologies and religious ...
Pauline Ecclesiology
Pauline Ecclesiology Introduction Church bears immense significance in terms of spread of beliefs of Christianity and falls under such an imperative category that it is proves to be impossible to lean about the Son of God. St. Paul has done deep study on exploring the relationship between church and the religion. ...
Difference Between Bodhisattva and Buddha Under the Light of Sutras
Religion and Theology Introduction The concept of Bodhisattva along with Buddha was in fashion in India earlier than the emergence of Gautama Buddha. During the period of Prince Siddhartha, who was later well known to be Gautama Buddha, take the origin in the womb of Queen Maya, it is predict that ...
Daniel’s Prophecy Of Seventy Weeks
Daniel's Prophecy of Seventy Weeks Daniel's Prophecy of Seventy Weeks Introduction It was found seventy weeks upon thy people and thy holy city, to put an end to wickedness, sin and repent wrap seal misdemeanor, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, to seal vision and prophet, and to anoint a most holy. ...
Islam and Its Cultural Interpretation
Islam & its Cultural Interpretation Islam & its Cultural Interpretation Introduction Islam is the second largest religion of the world, followed by more than one billion people. Quran is the foundation and scripture of Islam. Nearly, 20% of the total population is in Middle East, and more than 4 million living ...
St. Augustine And St. Thomas Understanding Of God, Faith And Reason
St. Augustine and St. Thomas understanding of God, Faith and Reason St. Augustine and St. Thomas understanding of God, Faith and Reason Introduction St. Augustine and St. Thomas were two recognized Christian philosophers. St. Augustine lived between centuries IV and V, studied in Africa and initially was an intellectual who had pagan ...
Abortion Is Not Murder Under Certain Circumstances
Abortion is not Murder under Certain Circumstances Abortion is not Murder under Certain Circumstances Introduction Abortion is referred as the extinction of pregnancy by the expulsion or removal of embryo or fetus from the uterus. Researches and studies demonstrate that, abortion may happen impulsively. In these situations, it is referred as miscarriage. On ...
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