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Religion Theology

On Preparation and Delivery of Sermons


Religion is the main connection of the person on earth with the supernatural believing who controls the people on earth. There are certain representatives of God on earth who act as the servicers of communicating messages between the followers and the God. Humans arrive in this world sans knowledge. They have nothing clear in their minds about the existence of a divine body controlling the earth and its people. It is then where then duty of the representatives of the religions plays a role. They teach, guide and direct the people according to the discourse of the religion.

One way to teach and provide guidance to the people on earth is preaching them about the codes time and again, with modifications owing to the contemporary changes in the issues people face in light of the authentic religious philosophies and ideas. Preaching refers to the spreading or emancipating of the message. Christian preaching is one of the most prominent and important characteristic of the religion. Christianity stands high among the examples of other religions in supporting and promoting regular and repeated practice of holding a congregation. Preaching and advocating of Christianity depends chiefly upon assembling people in numerous groups.

Preaching is peculiarly a tradition of Christianity and characterizes the true essence of emancipation of the God's message. According to Long [The Witness of Preaching, 20, 21], preaching is like serving the duty of a helper; helper does not bring something new, it just eases its arrival and understanding.

Foundations of a Sermon

Effectiveness and adequacy of a sermon stands on five significant pillars of a sermon. Every useful and valuable sermon entails diligent considerations of these five pillars that act as the foundation of a sermon. These five significant foundations include the text of the sermon, its subject, the title, proposition and objective.

The sermon is a connection between the man and the God. The representatives of the God, delivering sermons and communicating messages to the mankind bear extensively significant duty of selecting and opting for a text that is relevant to the audience. Congregations hold numerous people, who might be belonging from diverse backgrounds and contexts; religion unites them. The text of the sermon should be as such, that caters the different people listening to it. Texts of the sermon hold a power that is unmatched to anything. Sermon being the divine message, passed by the God's representatives, holds great importance. Texts and body of the sermon also differ according to the event; such as the sermon to advise people about something or sermon to shed light on a current issue which requires religious attention and guidance.

Clearer the objective is, quicker the people comprehend the material which is delivered to them. Sermon preparations entail the duty of the preacher to look into the very minute details of the content as well, to extract and understand the objective of the sermon. The proposition of the event of sermon gives clear direction to where the oration is ...
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