religious Philosophy. Are There Reasons For Belief/Disbelief In God?

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Religious Philosophy. Are There Reasons for Belief/Disbelief in God?


The religious philosophies of the world have different views about the existence of God. There are many arguments to believe in God or disbelief in God. The core aspect of religious philosophy is based on belief in God. This paper talks in favor of believing in God and aims to provide reasons for validating it through logical reasoning. For elaborating the topic arguments of many philosophers are taken into consideration.

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Religious Philosophy. Are There Reasons for Belief/Disbelief in God?4





Religious Philosophy. Are There Reasons for Belief/Disbelief in God?


This research paper sought to generate discussion and elicit views on the religious philosophy area while justifying and providing reasons for belief or disbelief in God. The paper supports and takes the position that there are strong reasons to belief in God. Religious Philosophy provides a thrilling point between different cultures. Even in today's modern life it has clear link with our beliefs and practices. As the purpose of life is directly related to the religion's philosophy. It has been argued by a number of Philosophers that basically a religion is related to ethics and not about the God's existence. Many religions of the world have different beliefs and philosophies. Some believe in no God, some believe in one God and yet there are others who believe in many Gods. Everyone have their own views regarding the existence of God. It has been found from the secondary researches that the number of people who belief in existence of God are more then who don't.


Every individual have freedom to own or adopt a religion of his/her choice. One can only enjoy religion and belief in all aspects of life (Marriage, employment, accommodation) if he/she is free from discrimination. Thinkers like Sigmund Freud promoted religion as “the obsessional neurosis of humanity.”

Religion is a huge subject. Some believe that it wasteful to devote time to the lessons of what has proved to be an ancient and often destructive force in society. Other thinks it the most important matter for consideration. Religious philosophy has always been treated as part of metaphysics. Academic philosophers neglected the religious philosophy in the first half of the twentieth century due to many reasons. Human knowledge is composed of the basic two elements, our observations and conclusions and others evidence.

There are arguments made by a number of atheists regarding the inadequate basis to believe in God's existence. People have many reasons for belief or disbelief in God. Some do belief in God others don't. It is a highly debatable topic that what makes people belief or disbelief in God. Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) and Carl Jung (1875-1961) introduced processes that opposed the word God while showing confidence in Christianity. The word 'God' was firstly taken by god of Christianity but now it has created great confusion while studying different religious philosophies. But thing is this that no is able to identify that what makes an entity a god? (Pyysiäinen 1997; 2003a; Pyysiäinen ...
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