Renaissance And Humanism

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Renaissance and Humanism

Renaissance and Humanism

History and Origin

Largely influenced by Christian faiths and embedding the effects of theology, the movement of Humanism was executed in order to address the challenges associated with Scholasticism. Scholasticism is a framework that promotes the regulation and the dissemination of knowledge and education, promulgating education creating a better understanding of the areas related to education (Celenza, 2004).

Renaissance Humanism was born sometime during the 14th or 15th century. Not only did the movement brought about changes in the area of religion and theology, but also called for development of other studies of education in response to the concept of Utilitarianism that was practiced altogether in the long-run.

Furthermore, with the intervention of religion and theology, the practices pertained to grow much more effective, streamlined and in close proximity with the kind of requirements that persuaded individuals at that time to invest into the identified areas of education.

In the world that we see today, not only would the people be interested in the development of those areas, but be capable to developing them further into a paradigm, which not only calls for excellence, but requires further improvement altogether.

Renaissance Humanism Today

Renaissance Humanism today not only helps us gain a better standing onto the things that are practiced and performed altogether, but it also calls for the problems and the situations that have been intended with reference to a certain area or field of expertise.

Today, with constant information dissemination, people are employing their core competencies into the field of education. People of all ages and areas of learning have employed themselves with the latest tools and technologies that would assist their growth and development and their comprehension and command in that respective area.

In the modern times that we live in today, not only does it becomes ...
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