Renaissance Art

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Early Renaissance Arts Redeveloped the Arts of the Ancient World

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History of renaissance arts2

The period 1280-14002

The period 1400-14792

The period 1475-15254

Things to look for in Renaissance art5


Light and shadows6


Naturalism and realism6

Themes of Renaissance art7

Techniques used by Renaissance artists7





Application of linear perspective11

Holy Trinity12



Early Renaissance Arts Redeveloped the Arts of the Ancient World


Renaissance is an important period in the history of European culture and arts. The Renaissance art is unique and emerged in 1400 in Italy. That was the age of revolution and development in the fields of music, science, literature and philosophy. The word renaissance means Rebirth. Renaissance has its roots in the ancient culture and the Classical antiquity. However, it did not adapt that culture, it transformed it. It is different from the ancient art in that it applied scientific knowledge to the various forms of arts (Reilly, 2001). During the renaissance, art took contemporary forms that the world admires till today. The renaissance arts and artists changed the whole philosophy of arts. The modern society of today has taken much from the renaissance.

Before the renaissance, the world saw everything as was taught to them in their religious beliefs. The renaissance changed this perspective. It bought the importance of logic into play. The renaissance marks the shift from religion to a more logical approach of viewing the world, where people were allowed to question and reason what they had been doing in lieu of their religious beliefs. The renaissance brought artistic sense of both the artists and their patrons who were now employing novel techniques. Renaissance marks the transition from the medieval to the modern period of arts.

In the late 1400s, the medieval form of art existed in combination with the modern form of art called the renaissance art. However, by the 1500, the renaissance art dominated the art work of the artists of the time. In every region across Europe, the renaissance art took different forms (Adams, 2001).

Before the renaissance, the main subject of art was heavenly figures and Christ and his worship. The artist of the medieval times painted heavens. Because they had not seen heaven in reality, their paintings and sculptors were far from reality. The paintings were the result of their imaginations and based on what they learnt from their religion. The backgrounds in these pictures were mostly Gold which meant that air around us is important, in fact, more than precious. This was changed by the artists of the renaissance period.

History of renaissance arts

The period 1280-1400

The history of renaissance art goes back to the late 13th century. Giovanni Pisano and his father Nicolas Pisano are two of the noted renaissance artists of the time. Their work reflected the Roman sarcophagi from the past. They created work on masterpieces like Pistonia, Pisa and Siena. These masterpieces created so many centuries back stand tall, even today, at the Cathedral of Pisa. Giotto is another noted painted from the same era. He too is a contemporary artist who played an important role in the renaissance art ...
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