Renewable Energy

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Renewable energy

Renewable energy and nuclear power are the world's fastest-growing energy sources



Bio Energy2

Solar Energy3

Wind Energy4

Ocean Energy4

Climate Influence on the Renewable Resources5


Renewable energy and nuclear power are the world's fastest-growing energy sources


Due to the inbound excess in the usage of the energy resources, there is a need to consult and discuss the issues majoring with the renewable energy resources. Renewable energy resource is an important subject today due to the variant environmental concerns related with it, and also because of the different ways through which the world population is consuming and increasing their energy consumption rate. Naturally replenished resources are used to enhance and craft new energy resources like the wind energy, the solar energy, bio fuels. The demand of these energy resources is increasing globally, and these energy resources are providing utilities with which energy rates can be offered at much lesser prices and minor rates.( Armaroli & Balzani,2011)

According to a study conducted by Atlantis Resource groups, fossil fuel based consumption will be a thing of the past, while green technologies and renewable energy make its mark and counter in its presence with the better pricing and better alternative as a renewable energy resource.


There has been a constant and a substantial increase in the globally powered mix usage of the renewable energy resources. If the power resources are compared, renewable resources have come out to be the fastest and the most consuming grown power resource. With the advent of global electricity generation, it will surpass the nuclear power with a double effect while cancel or rather rule out the natural gas resources by the year 2016.

Out of the overall gross power generation percentage, renewable energy will be accountable for the twenty five percent increases. This percentage increase in the year 2018 will be an addition of five percent accounting from the twenty percent value in 2011. (Graves, C., Ebbesen,Mogensen, & Lackner,2011)Wind energy and photovoltaic energy sum up the share of the hydro renewable power and cause a doubling effect on the renewable energy resources, till the year 2018.

Bio Energy

Bio energy can be defined as the energy made available from biological resources, while bio mass is the organic materials that have energies stored in the form of chemical energy through the sunlight.( Nigam & Singh,2011) Energy used by the global biomass accounts for fifty Joules , while all the used fodder , Fibre when expressed in equivalent calories for resource energy account up to 219 EJ/yr. Thermo chemical and biochemical processes are used to convert the biomass into secondary energy resources. The power generation is done through the co firing and combustion of the biomass and fossil fuel. Oil, sugar and starch crops are used for the generation of liquid bio fuels and have been illustrated in the figure given above.

Solar Energy

Solar energy is one the most abundant from of energy resources. Solar energy can be taken in the form of the energy mix needed for direct energy resource. Solar energy is used for electricity conduction through solar ...
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