Representations And Creativity In Children's Drawing

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Representations and Creativity in Children's Drawing


Representations and Creativity in Children's Drawing


Children have in their imagination a world that is formed through their experiences, hopes and fears. As all human beings, they need to express their ideas in a way or another. This is called creativity. In the case of children, creativity is not just a way to express feelings or what they think, but it is also a mechanism to understand the world around them. Because of this, children's creativity is central to child development and learning, and should be encouraged. How to stimulate the imagination in our children? First of all is basic, if not inhibit the child wishes to express show singing, dancing, writing, painting, or putting puzzles together (Bob, 2006, pp. 399).

Conversely, if the child does not show the drive itself, you have to take it to feel like it.

For example, a purchase would help to build games as laymen, and it arm without going through the catalog. Another good idea may be that when you are together make up a song, or even begin to tell you a story with the condition that he continue. On the other hand, buy music, teach it to dance, let him paint with their hands, and with his body. Drawing and painting is a key to the emotional growth of our children, because that's how they appropriate images then represent their world. Another important activity is to get them to play outdoors, who are interested in this universe that is outside, with animals and plants which must be cared for. His curiosity is great and it is in these moments when we try to satisfy it, so they want to know more and more. The fact that the child is free to express their emotional stability is practically guaranteed. Do not scold when stain the wall or clothing, teach him to be confined to a space where he can do whatever you want and feel free. Encourage them to play and let it explode the wonderful magic that all of us creativity (Borden, 1997, pp. 97).

Thesis Statement

This paper discusses the representations and creativity in Children's drawing that helps them to learn.


The drawing is one of the oldest forms of expression of humanity. He uses drawing as a form of communication since prehistoric times, when the first men through small figures drawn on rocks and walls of caves, expressed their ideas and thoughts together. At first, they used the pictures to communicate, to express opinions, and everyone was practically illiterate. The drawings functioned as scripture. Over time, the drawing was gaining new forms, new lines, and was refined to the current reality. The drawing is, therefore, a graphical representation of a real object or an abstract idea (Abbot, 1997, pp. 19).

The drawing and stages of children's drawing is, almost always, the first great work of children. It represents his first major treasure expressive because, through drawings the children say a lot about themselves. Perhaps this is the reason why many parents ...
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