Air Pollution

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Research Methodology

Research Methodology

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Research Methodology


The objective of this essay is to discuss the research methodology of the proposed topic air pollution. The methodology will discuss the methods and the sources of secondary data and identify any flaws in the existing data.


This chapter of the study highlights the methodology that will be selected by the researcher. Cooper and Schindler (2003) noted that selection of appropriate methodology is the most crucial part of the study because the findings of the study are dependent on the selection of appropriate methodology (n.d).

Research Design

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the impact of air pollution on infants and children. In order to determine the impact of air pollution on infants and children the researcher will select quantitative research method. Quantitative research method will be selected by the researcher to collect the primary data. Primary data for this particular study will be collected via survey questionnaire. However, secondary data will also be collected for this study. By accessing various public and private libraries i.e. Jstor, Emerald, ProQuest, Phoenix, the researcher will access previously conducted similar studies and researches.

Research Philosophy

Bryman (2008) noted that research philosophy in a research study is the ways through which the knowledge is created and its nature is identified (p.1). Three types of research philosophies are widely adopted across various studies i.e. realism, interpretivism and positivism. Research philosophy is generally selected by the researcher depending upon the nature of the study and its requirement. As this study aims to evaluate the impact of air pollution on infants and children therefore, the researcher will select quantitative research method. Using quantitative research method, the researcher will adopt interpretivism research philosophy. Using interpretivism philosophy during the survey the researcher will analyze the participant's responses, opinions and feelings to deduct the findings of the study.

Research Approaches

Two types of research approaches are widely adopted across different studies i.e. deductive and inductive (Creswell, 2007, p.39). Generally, deductive approach is adopted by the researcher when the research is made from a general to the more specific study. This approach is also referred as a top down approach. In comparison to deductive approach, inductive approach is narrower. Using inductive approach the researcher usually starts by thinking up a theory and then narrowing down to more specific hypotheses.

Data Collection Method

The process of data collection is the most imperative part of the study and requires great consideration. ...
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