Workplace Discrimination

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Research Proposal

Research Proposal


Workplace Discrimination is the underlying topic of my research paper. The discrimination at any sector can adversely affect the entire system or environment. Similarly, the discrimination at the workplace disturbs the whole management and environment of the organization. The discrimination at the workplace hurts the people who are being discriminated for no reason as well as it damages the entire firm's environment (Williams, 2013). Such organizations which encompass workplace discriminations face trouble in retaining their employees whereas other employees who are working in such environment would not be satisfied with the organization and their job (Williams, 2013). Distrustfulness with company management and other employees begins within the organization when the discrimination comes up in the firm. The organization which obey discrimination confront with potential legal actions and serious financial losses (Williams, 2013).

This research mainly highlights the reasons that initiate every type of workplace discrimination and repercussions of such discrimination on the society and in workplace.


Background of Topic

According to the research surveys of TNS, it has been observed that 68% of women survey believed that gender discrimination was present in the workplace. Discriminations against age, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation and many other social factors were the major reason for discrimination within the workplace (Gluck, 2013). Many laws and legislations have been proposed in order to protect minorities and women from discrimination at the workplace. For example the commencement of the Equal Pay Act finished the system of high pay for men as compared to women while employing on the same duties and jobs (Gluck, 2013). The Civil Rights Act prevented the discrimination in the pay with minority ethnic groups in the year 1964

Discrimination is harmful dealing toward a person due to their associated group whereas legislations are developed so as to prevent workplace discrimination. Still in ...
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