Factors Influencing Nursing as Career

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Research Proposal - Factors influencing Nursing as Career

Task 11

1.1 Research Methodologies1

1.2 Justification2

1.3 Importance of both Qualitative and Quantitative Data in Research4

1.4 Problems undertaking Research6

Task 26

2.1 Justify the Use of Research Sources6

2.2 Importance of Primary Information Sources8

2.3 Harvard System for Referencing11

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3.1 Present a Research Proposal11



Research Questions13

Survey Techniques - Questionnaire13

3.2 Role of Ethics in Research15





Task 416

4.1 Research Proposal appropriate to a Seminar Environment16

4.2 Constructive Feedback19


Research Proposal - Factors influencing Nursing as Career

Task 1

1.1 Research Methodologies

Basic Research: The research base also called pure or fundamental research; it worked for the most time in laboratories. The main contribution of this research approach to scientific knowledge does axial exploring new theories and transforms existing ones. Also investigates current principles and laws.

Applied Research refers to a research where the researcher will use the knowledge gained from research in practice, and thus bring benefits to society. An example is the protocol in medical research (Kazdin, 2011, pp.4-190).

Analytical Research: A more complicated descriptive research method and its main objective are to contrast between study groups and control the different variables. Also is the constant proposition theory that researchers try to develop or test.

Field Research: It is applied to interpret and solve a situation, problem or need at any given time research. Investigations are worked in a natural environment in which individuals, groups and scientific organizations which fulfil the role of being the source of data to be analyzed are present.

Surveys play a large part in positivism. When designing and creating a survey, a hypothesis must be generated, then the type of survey must be decided i.e. telephone, internet or postal survey. Following on from that, a design layout must be decided, a sample size decided, and finally the classification of the research must be completed, whether it be, class, age, social status etc (Scott & Garner, 2013, pp.62-190). Finally, then you must have a test group to see if the survey works and will answer the hypothesis criteria. When all of this is completed, the survey can then be used in the research. The researcher would use surveys for closed ended questions.

1.2 Justification

Qualitative method (primary research) with a phenomenological design research is appropriate for the study because the purpose is to gather perceptions of the type of educational delivery method the students report as contributing factors in the transition from students to novice nurses. This study implements a modified van Kaam method of analysis with Moustakas' seven steps. Primary method of research allowed for prompting explanation of questions to explore the subjective data about the participants' experiences (Scheurich, 2014, pp.5-59). Studies using a phenomenological design examined lived experiences and demonstrated that the design is appropriate for health science studies (Henry & Fetters, 2012, pp.118-125). Phenomenological design portrays the participants as the experts of their own lived experiences (Miller, Mauthner, Birch & Jessop, 2012, pp.5-190). Clinical judgment, confidence, and communication emerge through a qualitative method with a phenomenological approach. Qualitative method with a phenomenological design provided examination and exploration for a greater understanding of ...