Management By Walking Around (Mbwa): Stress For Employees Or Boost For Productivity

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Research Topic Approval Form: Management by walking around (MBWA): Stress for employees or boost for productivity

Management by walking around (MBWA): Stress for employees or boost for productivity

1. What specific topic or subject area do you propose to explore?

The specific topic that I propose to explore is strategic management buy walking around and its link with performance acceleration and productivity of employees. The approach of management by walking around will be explored to analyze whether it results in stress for employees or boost for productivity. The strategic human resource management is the broader subject area under which Management by Walking around will be explored. The effectiveness of this strategic management concept will be explored and analyzed for enhancing employees' performance levels at work.

2. What is your working title?

The impact of Management by walking around on Employees' performance

3. What is the theoretical foundation for your work?

Management by walking around (MBWA) is a strategic management approach where managers aim to create effective communication channels within the organization. The theoretical framework will focus upon understanding Management by walking around and how it influence the performance of employees. The key drivers will be communication, employee empowerment and employee engagement to boost the productivity levels at work. Management by walking around plays a significant role in developing and maintaining employees which are highly motivated and responsible towards their work. The long term efficiency and performance of an organization is entirely based upon having efficient human resource. By using this approach, management gets an overall idea about the motivation level and job satisfaction/dissatisfaction level at work. This helps in understanding the behavior and grievances of employees. The two-way communication leads towards increased productivity and accelerated performance of employees. If there is effective communication, the management by walking around would only lead toward stress for employees. The impact of Management by walking around on employees' performance is analyzed through understanding and communicating effectively with employees. If there is employee engagement and employee empowerment, then it would lead towards boost in productivity otherwise stress for employees.

Tucker & Singer (2012) identified key drivers for increasing employee productivity through suggestion-driven-improvement program where Management by walking around can be an effective strategic management approach. the communication with employees and continuous feedback can result in increased productivity instead of higher stress levels of employees. Management is basically al about coordination and communication of objectives and business activities. Only managers can help ...